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Weda - Feeding System - Liquid Feeding System (LFS)

Something for everyone. Our liquid feeding systems are specially designed for the needs of the animals in the respective production areas, starting with suckling piglets all the way to the fatteners.

Tanks in the most diverse sizes. The tank dimensions of our liquid feeding systems can be individually adapted to your needs.

Custom solutions for your animal population. With WEDA-designed liquid feeding, large feed quantities can be transported in a short time, even in case of great distances. Both small and large animal populations can always be optimally supplied with this system.

Key features

  • Computer-controlled, fully automatic system
  • Multiphase feeding system
  • Demand-oriented feeding according to feed curve
  • Precise mixing and dosing of the feed without residue
  • Lowest labor costs, highest accuracy
  • Saving of the complete pelleting costs
  • Automated cleaning at the highest level
  • Documentation of consumption and performance data
  • At least 15-20% higher feed intake of liquid feed in hot climates
  • Water feeding in the day´s schedule (drinker program)
  • Dry & liquid by-products possible
  • All products are feedable, therefore not restricted to cereals, compound feed and pelleted feed, as with dry feeding
  • Modular structure
  • Customized unit size

Available models

1. Component agitator

Well stirred – not shaken! The agitators from WEDA ensure that the feed components are mixed into a homogenous liquid feed. Our agitators are also available as cutting agitators.


  • Agitators made of stainless steel
  • Cutting agitators for shredding of feed components (e.g. bread and noodles)
  • Softstarter: gentle starting possible
  • Modular design for easy service
  • 20% energy savings due to special design of the mixer blades

2. WEDA pH-control

Optimum health status and minimum animal losses. With pH-Control the pH-value of the mixed liquid feed is measured and set to a predetermined level. This causes an optimal digestive flora in the gastrointestinal tract of the animals, since a constant pH-value positively influences the amount and activity of digestive enzymes.


  • Especially relevant for piglets and sows
  • PH-value adapted feeding
  • Significant reduction of intestinal problems
  • Better feed intake
  • Measuring and controlling of the pH-value (measuring control chain) is carried out automatically
  • Ideal pH-value improves vitality of your animals
  • Procedure patented by WEDA

3. WEDA hygiene package

Cleaning on the highest level. To guarantee the health of your animals, WEDA has developed an effective hygiene package for liquid feeding systems.


WACS (WEDA Active Cleaning System)

  • Fully automatic downpipe cleaning
  • Suitable for almost all unit types
  • Reduction of manual cleaning work
  • Problem free integration into existing systems


  • Proven UV radiation
  • Based 100% on UV light
  • Kills bacteria and germs on the walls of the tank
  • Prevents the formation of fungi and yeasts
  • Hy.Light can be switched off easily
  • No endangering of people, e.g. by acid fogging or ozone.
  • No risk of unit corrosion

Tank cleaning system / sprinkler

  • Pump operated
  • Cleaning the lid and walls of the tank by means of water or cleaning liquid
  • Optimum cleaning effect due to high water pressure and large amount of water

Cleaning with acid / lye

  • Automatic cleaning with lye to remove acidtolerant organisms (e.g. yeasts)
  • Safe acid washing of the pipes

4. Mix Pipe

Often copied, but never achieved. Buy the original! The MixPipe avoids a separation of water and feed and is one of our most successful product developments.


  • Active prevention of transportation sedimentation
  • While passing trough the feed line, the feed mixture is constantly remixed
  • Pipe inside furnished with a spiral structure, in the shape of an approx. 10mm high lip


Control system - Excellent 4PX

Liquid feeding function

Electromagnetic flow rate measuring

Alkaline cleaning



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