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Weda - Feeding System - Nutrix

Optimal feeding of the youngest. The Nutrix is a fully automatic, sensor-controlled liquid feeding system for supporting the feeding of suckling piglets in the first days after farrowing.

Save money. With the Nutrix, any piglet feed can be fed, from milk substitutes and prestarters to weaning feed. The consequence: lower feed costs.

Technical specifications

Operating weight 5112 Kg
Shipping weight 4982 Kg
Maximum dump height 4.088 m
Maximum dig depth 3.652 m
Net power 33.1 kW

Key features

  • Up to 8 times higher feed intake compared to manual feeding
  • 20kg saving of sow feed per sow and year
  • Reduced piglet losses as animals are optimally supplied
  • Significantly better condition of the sow after the suckling period (better fertility, less muscle mass loss)
  • Feeding of milk substitutes all the way to prestarter and up to weaning feed. Consequence: lower feed costs
  • Maximum hygiene status due to acid-alkaline flushing and drain pipe cleaning
  • Significant reduction in management workload of large litters, as the system works fully automatic and can be remotely controlled
  • Smallest dosage of only 30-40g per trough dosing
  • More than 100 feeding times per day

Available models

1. Feeding Kitchen

Much easier work. When managing large litters, the Nutrix significantly reduces the workload, as the system works fully automatic and can be remote controlled.

2. Suckling piglet feeding Nutrix

Easier transition. After weaning, the piglets can stay in the farrowing pen for another few days, to ease the transition to the weaner area. To optimally supply them in this time, the small trough is removed and replaced with a large stainless-steel trough.

3. Easy Feeder

Best supply for your suckling piglets. Our product solutions support you in optimal supply of your suckling piglets, no matter if with an automatic feeder or a mobile liquid feeding system.

Suckling Piglet Feeding Nutrix

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