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Idex - Fluidic Tubing Sleeves - MicroTight® Tubing Sleeves

MicroTight Tubing Sleeves feature an outer diameter of 0.025 inches and offer a wide assortment of inner diameters to help facilitate capillary tubing connections with our MicroTight accessories. Because the sleeves are manufactured from PEEK polymer, they carry an upper temperature threshold of 125 ºC. To use these sleeves properly, choose a sleeve with an inner diameter 0.001 inches – 0.002 inches (25 – 50 μm) larger than the outer diameter of your capillary tubing. Then, slip the sleeve over your flow path tubing, such that your tubing extends all the way through the sleeve, but not beyond the end of the sleeve. Choose the correct fitting that corresponds with your receiving port, slide it over the sleeved flow path tubing and connect as normal.

Key Features

Our MicroTight Tubing Sleeve assists in creating a concentric connection with minimal dead volume.

 List of available MicroTight® Tubing Sleeves

Tubing sleeve outer diameter Tubing sleeve inner diameter For tubing outer diameter Pressure Rating Max Material Colour Option for Pack
0.025 inches 0.005 inches 70 µm to 110 µm 4000 psi/276 bar PEEK Red  -
0.025 inches 0.007 inches 125 µm to 165 µm 4000 psi/276 psi PEEK Yellow  -
0.025 inches 0.009 inches 175 µm to 215 µm 4000 psi/276 psi PEEK Natural  -
0.025 inches 0.011 inches 225 µm to 265 µm 4000 psi/276 psi PEEK Blue  -
0.025 inches 0.013 inches 275 µm to 315 µm 4000 psi/276 psi PEEK Orange  -
0.025 inches 0.0155 inches 340 µm to 380 µm 4000 psi/276 psi PEEK Green Pack of 10 units
0.025 inches 0.018 inches 400 µm to 440 µm 4000 psi/276 psi PEEK Black  -
0.025 inches 0.021 inches 480 µm to 520 µm 4000 psi/276 psi PEEK Natural  -
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  • Medical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Powders & Pigments / Coating
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