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Idex - Low Pressure Multiport Connectors - Bulkhead Unions

Bulkhead Unions are optimally designed to directly thread through your equipment housing to connect internal tubing to the outside. Each union has unique 3/8-24 external threads and comes complete with a stainless steel nut and lock washer to hold it in place. It requires a 3/8 inches hole to mount. The recommended torque limit for these unions is 15 in.– lbs (1.7 N·m).

Key Features

Our PEEK Bulkhead Union is specifically designed to be thread directly through equipment housing to connect internal tubing to the outside. It can be manufactured from biocompatible PEEK giving excellent chemical resistance to virtually all commonly used solvents. It can also be precision machined from 316 stainless steel. Our mechanically strong and reliable union offers true zero dead volume (ZDV) allowing tubing to be joined without interrupting the fluidic path. A stainless steel bulkhead union is manufactured for easily plumbing tubing through equipment housing.

List of available Bulkhead Union Assemblies

Material Thread Port Configuration Swept Volume Thru hole For tubing outer diameter Colour
PEEK 10-32 Coned 1.9 µL 0.020 inches/0.50 mm  - Natural
PEEK, , includes stainless steel nut/lock washer M6 Flat-Bottom  - 0.040 inches/1 mm  - Black
Stainless Steel 10-32 Coned  - 0.050 inches/1.30 mm 1/16 inches  -
PEEK, includes stainless steel nut/lock washer 1/4-28 Flat-Bottom 2.9 µL 0.040 inches/1 mm  - Red, Blue, Black, Green, Natural
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