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IMS Dredges -  Versi-Dredge® - 5012LP

The Model 5012 LP Versi-Dredge® is ideal for dredging in canals, lakes, and marinas where maneuverability in confined areas is an issue. Like all Versi-Dredge® systems the Starwheel Drive system allows the dredge to be completely self-propelled.

  • The 5012 LP can be converted into a weed harvesting machine by simply switching out the standard cutterhead with the Weedmaster® Cutterhead.
  • The LP (Low Pressure) pump on the 5012 LP is a fabricated steel pump with a rubber liner. It can be used in a variety of materials including abrasive sand. The unique LP pump design allows the 5012 LP to pass up to a 6” solid making it ideal for debris filled waterways.
  • The LP pump is known around the globe for being extremely versatile, easy to maintain / rebuild in the field, and hard to break.
  • The 5012 LP can be shipped on a 40’ flat rack making international freight very affordable.
  • Construction
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
IMS Division of Liquid Waste TechnologyIMS Division of Liquid Waste Technology, LLC. started in 1986 in Olathe, KS with the primary focus of providing submersible pumps and one-truck transportable dredges to the waste water industry. IMS quickly became a leader in the waste water dredge market, but in 1996 diversified its markets due to increased demand for easier to use dredges. In 1996 IMS developed the patented Starwheel Drive self-propulsion system (U.S. patent 5,782,660) which has revolutionized the way people dredge by eliminating the use of restrictive anchor cables n 2000 the Governor of the State of Kansas presented IMS President, Jim Horton, with the Kansas Exporter of the Year Award. In early 2003 IMS was acquired by its competitor Liquid Waste Technology. Today IMS has sold hundreds of dredging systems worldwide to over 45 countries around the globe. IMS and its affiliates are the largest group of dredge companies in the Americas and have one of the largest dredge building facilities in the world. IMS and its affiliates have over 200 years of collective experience in the design and manufacture of hydraulic dredging systems. In 2010 IMS and its affiliates were acquired by Markel Ventures a subsidiary of Markel Corp. (MKL-NYSE).
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