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The JCB 3CX is the world’s number one backhoe loader (along with the JCB 4CX). The 3CX is a product of JCB’s Efficient Design philosophy, responding to rising fuel prices and environmental concerns with class-leading efficiency and low running costs.

The 4-wheel steer JCB 4CX is the largest backhoe model we produce, and this latest incarnation really is a product of our 60-plus years as backhoe market leader, bearing a host of performance, comfort, safety and efficiency improvements.

Available models

Operating weight kg.
Gross engine power hp/kW
Dip depth (Standard/Extra-dig) mm.
Steer mode
Loader shovel breakout (GP / 6-in-1) kgf
6170 / 6228
Loader arm breakout (GP / 6-in-1) kgf
4942 / 4732
Loader shovel capacity m3
Dipper tearout (Standard / Extra-dig) kgf
3217 / 3225
Bucket tearout (Standard / Extra-dig) kgf
6531 / 6228
Optimum pump flow ltr/min


  • The JCB 3CX is designed to enable fatigue-free, productive day-long working. The cab is rubber-mounted and isolated for low noise and vibration.
  • A JCB 3CX Eco cab is inspired by the automotive industry for familiarity. A heated air suspension seat, heated front screen, and a hot beverage machine are just some of the quality features you can find within.
  • Ergonomic seat-mounted excavator-style controls provide fingertip control, great comfort and excellent manoeuvrability.
  • For more comfort and less material spillage, the 3CX’s Smoothride System (SRS) minimises bounce during travel. You can quickly reset your shovel to the digging position with our return-to-dig feature too.


  • High back-off brakes reduce viscous drag during roading and rehandling, which improves economy by up to 1%.
  • The optional handheld tool circuit means you can increase versatility by using your 3CX as a power source for handheld tools, such as drills, breakers, cutters and even water pumps.
  • JCB 3CX backhoe loaders are quiet places to work, both inside and out – particularly the 55kW (74hp) models, which are the quietest in the industry.
  • Controls on the 3CX Eco feature an LCD panel detailing machine hours, service information, fuel level, system warnings and instantaneous fuel usage. A 360° view through tinted windows aids comfort, productivity and safety.
  • Our innovative scoop design one-piece rear windscreen allows JCB 3CX operators to see right into the trench when excavating and stay dry in wet conditions.
Operating weight kg.
Gross engine power hp/kW
Dig depth (Standard/Extra-dig) mm.
Steer mode
Loader shovel breakout (GP / 6-in-1) kgf
6227 / 6590
Loader arm breakout (GP / 6-in-1) kgf
5936 / 5730
Loader shovel capacity m3
Dipper tearout (Standard / Extra-dig) kgf
3893 / 2729
Bucket tearout (Standard / Extra-dig) kgf
6324 / 6228
Optimum pump flow ltr/min


  • The 4CX’s new EcoMAX engine is designed, tested and built by JCB to work perfectly with JCB axles and gearboxes. T4i-compliant EcoMAX produces peak power and torque at around 1200 rpm for responsiveness and fuel-efficient matching of the transmission and hydraulics.
  • Also because EcoMAX can be adapted to run on lower-grade fuels, Backhoes are resalable across different territories, which boost residuals.
  • JCB 4CX engines are tried and tested. We’ve built 200,000 DIESELMAX engines since 2004, and we’ve tested EcoMAX for 110,000 hours in 70 different machines across the toughest applications and environments.
  • For ultimate loading performance, productivity and roading efficiency, the JCB 4CX’s EcoMAX engine delivers as much as 81kW (109hp) and 516Nm of torque.

Key Features

  • Powered by JCB’s renowned DIESELMAX engines.
  • Integrated quickhitch with forks – best-in-class visibility and lift capacity.
  • World’s most efficient backhoe across typical duty cycles.
  • Best-in-class backhoe output – more material moved per hour.
  • Efficient 3-pump hydraulic system.
  • World’s most efficient backhoe across typical duty cycles.
  • Powerful 74.2 kW DIESELMAX engine.
  • Large 1.1 m3 shovel capacity.
  • Integrated quickhitch with forks – best-in-class visibility and lift capacity.
  • Best-in-class backhoe output – more material moved per hour.
  • 3-steer modes including 4-wheel steer and crab steer.

Special Features

LiveLink is an innovative software system that lets you manage JCB machines remotely - online, by email or by mobile phone. Access everything from machine alerts to history information, with all data stored at a secure centre.

Maintenance benefits
Manage machine maintenance easily – accurate hours monitoring and service alerts improve maintenance planning, while real-time location data helps you manage your fleet. Critical machine alerts and maintenance history records are also available.

Productivity and cost benefits
You can monitor and manage your machines fuel level throughout the day using the analysis function. LiveLink has a comprehensive reporting tool allowing you to manage your machines up time and utilisation to get the most of your machine.

Security benefits
LiveLink’s real-time geofencing alerts tell you when machines move out of predetermined zones, and real-time curfew alerts inform you of unauthorised usage, straight to your mobile phone. Further benefits include real-time location information, and LiveLink has its own internal battery and aerial.

  • Construction
  • Machinery & Manufacturing

JCB is one of the world's top three manufacturers of construction equipment. We employ around 12,000 people on four continents and sell our products in 150 countries through 2,000 dealer depot locations.

Throughout our history, we have always invested heavily in research and development, keeping JCB at the cutting edge of innovation.

Today, JCB has some of the finest engineering facilities across the globe, produces a range of over 300 machines and maintains a reputation for unrivalled customer service.

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