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Meet the future of process and quality control

Achieve the next level of efficiency and product consistency in mining, coating, and recycling processes with S2 KODIAK!

Real-time process monitoring is one of the most important measures to ensure products are manufactured cost-efficiently and to the desired quality. At the same time, it is challenging to implement an analytical instrument into the process. This is where the S2 KODIAK shines! It works autonomously and maintenance-free 24/7, delivers immediate results, and the integration into plant control is flawless.

Applications include online and inline analysis of element concentrations and layer thicknesses in the natural resources industry, building materials manufacturing, scrap metal recycling, coating processes, with Positive Material identification (PMI), and high volume bulk food processing.

In addition, working safety is an important topic; conventional inline systems are based on prompt gamma neutron activation analyzers (PGNAA) and require extensive radiation shielding and strict safety and security regulations. Not with the S2 KODIAK. X-rays are emitted only in operation; simple shielding and the safety circuit ensure the highest safety level, at any time.

Specifications Technical specifications

Mains supply voltage 95 … 264 VAC
Maximum power consumption max. 900 VA
Surge according to EN61000-4-6 Installation class 3
Overvoltage category acc. to IEC 664 II
Connection data transfer TCP IP, RS 232 data transfer protocol with
AXS-COM to communicate with plant control software
Dimensions (height x width x depth, weight) 29.0 cm (21.4”) x 91.7 cm (36.1”) x 40.0 cm (15.7”), 70 kg (154.3 lbs)
Control box* (height x width x depth, weight) 50.0 cm (19.7”) x 45.0 cm (17.7”) x 19.0 cm (7.5”), 10 kg (22.0 lbs)


Analytical specifications

Detector type and energy resolution Maintenance-free, Peltier-cooled Silicon Drift Detector
(no LN2 supply), resolution 160 eV for Mn Ka @ 100,000 cps
Fine-grained material
Grain size
Range of detectable elements
<5 mm
Silicon (Si) to Uranium (U)
Average-grained material
Grain size
Range of detectable elements
<5 cm
Calcium (Ca) to Uranium (U)
Large-lump material
Grain size
Range of detectable elements
<30 cm
Titanium (Ti) to Uranium (U)
Bulk material analysis precision Depends on application; typically between 1% (relative) and 1% (absolute) for compound concentration range 0.5% to 90%.
Measurement time Configurable (1 s – 1 h) based on the required accuracy
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Polymers, Plastics and Rubbers

Right from the beginning, which is now more than fifty years ago, Bruker has been driven by a single idea: to provide the best technological solution for each analytical task. Today, worldwide, more than 6,500 employees in over 90 locations on all continents are focusing their efforts on this permanent challenge. Bruker systems cover a broad spectrum of applications in all fields of research and development and are used in all industrial production processes for the purpose of ensuring quality and process reliability.

Bruker continues to build upon its extensive range of products and solutions, expand its broad base of installed systems and maintain a strong reputation amongst its customers. As one of the world's leading analytical instrumentation companies, Bruker remains focused on developing state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions for today’s ever complex analytical questions.