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GFL Shakers with the model designation 3012, 3014, 3017, 3018 and 3020 are equipped both with microprocessor technique and with an interface module for convenient data control by I&C tasks via PC.

Trouble-free data transfer is realised via the built-in RS 232 port, making all of the units cited above compatible simultaneously, for example, to the PC software labworldsoft®.

Key Features

  • Silently operating and universally applicable Orbital Shaker, long-lasting
  • User-friendly microprocessor technique
  • Excellently applicable for continuous operation
  • Universally applicable through the large amplitude, low noise
  • Compact, low-wear counterbalanced drive mechanism, ensuring high stability and dependability for continuous operation
  • Constant speed independent of load
GFLGFL products are application oriented and technically mature. State of the art microprocessor technology, deep freezers, water baths, shaking water baths, water stills, incubators and shakersin combination with an interface module enables easy data transfer to a PC.
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