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PIPETMAN G offers one of the lowest pipetting forces commercially available. With a redesigned piston assembly system and high quality piston grease, PIPETMAN G guarantees hours of comfortable pipetting. PIPETMAN G relies on the legendary accuracy, precision, and reliability of PIPETMAN with improved pipetting comfort. Made of PVDF and stainless steel, PIPETMAN G offers premium durability. The PIPETMAN G clip ejector allows for convenient access to serviceable parts.

Technical specifications

Model Volume (µL)
P2 / P2G 0.2-2
P10 / P10G 1-10
P20 / P20G 2-20
P100 / P100G 10-100
P200 / P200G 20-200
P1000 / P1000G 100-1000
P5000 / P5000G 500-5000
P10mL / P10mLG 1000-10000

Key features

  • Pipetting comfort
  • Reliable results
  • Built-to-Last and Convenient
GilsonGilson develops liquid handling, purification, and extraction solutions with a focus on helping the life scientist at the bench achieve more productive research and verifiable data. Through the years, the company’s focus broadened from specialized instruments for physiological applications to solutions for liquid handling, purification, and extraction applications. Gilson specializes in translating manual processes into automated solutions, helping researchers to get scientific results faster, while improving the traceability and reproducibility of their experiments. Today, Gilson remains family owned, and manufactures purification systems, automated liquid handlers, pipettes (including the renowned PIPETMAN® brand of pipettes), fraction collectors, solid phase extraction (SPE) systems, detectors, injectors, and much more. From academia to industry, Gilson delivers high-quality, dependable solutions to researchers.
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