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The AZURA Prep. 100/250 gradient system is designed for complex purifications of small molecules in pilot scale. It is designed and optimized for all Prep.-LC applications in RP/NP mode, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction and size exclusion chromatography. All system modules can be freely exchanged, and further modules can be added optionally, to give more flexibility.

Key Features

  • Flow rate: 0.01–100 ml/min; 1 - 80 ml/min (recommended)
  • Flow rate: 0.01–250 ml/min; 5 - 160 ml/min (recommended)
  • Maximum system pressure: 400 bar (40MPa) / 200 bar (20.0 MPa)
  • Injection valve for sample injection via sample loop or sample pump
  • Sample pump, 0,1 - 50 ml/min max. 150 bar (15.0 MPa)
  • Variable Multi-wavelength UV detector (190–700 nm)
  • Fraction collector for fractionation
  • Rack for Fraction collector for 15 or 50 ml tubes
  • Compatible with columns from all vendors
  • Intuitive PurityChrom® software
  • System suitable for cold room usage
  • 1/16“ Tubing on the high-pressure site

Technical Specifications

System type Pilot
Gradient hpg
Max. flow rate 250 ml/min
Maximum delivery pressure [MPa] 40 MPa
Maximum delivery pressure [psi] 5800 psi
Maximum delivery pressure [bar] 400 bar
Typical column dimension 30 x 250 mm (5 µm) / 50 x 250 mm (7 µm)
Detector Variable multiwavelength detection UV/VIS
Injection Sample- pump, automatic injection
Fractionation Foxy R1
Software PurityChrom

Azura Preparative HPLC systems by Knauer

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