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Koehler - Constant-Temperature Viscosity Bath

Baths feature PID microprocessor controller to deliver precise temperature control, with ASTM specified tolerances throughout the operating temperature range. Dual digital displays show set point time and actual temperature. Timers display in 0.01-second resolution and have ±0.01% accuracy. Models with RS-232 port also allow you to enter the viscosity constant of each viscometer on the controller panel. Controller automatically displays test results in efflux time and viscosity units when timers stop. Controller automatically shuts off power when there is an overtemperature condition or if the primary probe is disconnected.

The integrated low-level sensor interrupts operations if the bath liquid does not fill to the proper level, and shuts off power if the liquid falls below the level. Bath chamber is a clear Pyrex® tank enclosed in a polyester-epoxy finished steel housing. Top plate holds the viscometers and is made of stainless steel for easy cleaning. Front viewing window reduces distortion. Glare-free fluorescent lights in the bath and a background baffle enhance the view of the viscometers. Baths rest on adjustable leveling feet.

Technical specifications

GP-06645-49 GP-06645-65 GP-06645-41
Membrane size 47mm 47mm 47mm
Support Glass frit Stainless steel PTFE
Filtration area 9.6cm2 9.6cm2 9.6cm2
Funnel size 300mL 300mL 300mL
Flask size 1000mL 1000mL 1000mL
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