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The modular LAUDA Scientific Surface Analysers LSA cover a wide range of applications, from quality assurance to research.

• Innovative features such as unique drop shape adjustments, telecentric lenses, high-speed video recording and flexible software with an impressive range of functions ensure precise results
• With the LAUDA Scientific LSA MOB you can measure any liquid in the smallest space, even in depressions and on vertical surfaces

Key Features

  • Robust and precise measurement of contact angle
  • Versatile automatic dosing systems available
  • Large sample stage with precise z-axis for easy handling
  • Extremely accurate surface tension measurements using the pendant drop method
  • Budget-friendly entry-level device with high-end accuracy
Lauda ScientificLAUDA Scientific is your partner for Measuring instruments for determining the viscosity of polymer solutions, optical contact angle measuring instruments for measuring the free surface energy and the wetting behavior, and classical tensiometers for determining the surface and interfacial tension of oils and surfactants.
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