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The TD4 is a compact ring/plate tensiometer, which, as a standalone device, offers maximum ease of use in research and development, as well as for quality control.

The graphic operating unit with touch-screen enables accurate tracking of measurements (even time-dependent measurements).

The pre-programmed standard methods, the GLP-compliant user management system, the optional equipment with a small Peltier-based thermostat (PTT+) and the intuitive user guiding make the TD4 a compact and precise measuring instrument.

Technical Specifications

Surface tension resolution 0.01 mN/m
Weighing system resolution 0.1 mg
Measuring range 0.75 mN/m to 300 mN/m
(999 mN/m with plate)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 245x205x335 mm.

Key Features

  • Flexible for research and quality control.
  • User-friendly with predefined standard methods.
  • Precise, high-resolution distance measurement.
  • Optional temperature control, no additional space required.
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