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High sensitivity flow cytometry for nanoparticle analysis

Flow NanoAnalyzer is expected to become a powerful tool for life science, nanoscience and nanotechnology studies. Flow NanoAnalyzer can be used for the multiparameter characterization of natural and synthetic nanoparticles (7-1000 nm) at the single-particle level, such as extracellular vesicles, mitochondria, bacteria, viruses, nanomedicine and naonomaterial. Combining light scattering and fluorescence detection, high-resolution distributions of particle size and biochemical properties can be acquired simultaneously in 1-2 minutes.

So far, the Flow NanoAnalyzer is the only real flow product in the world with the ability to analyze single nanoparticles, with outstanding detection sensitivity, excellent resolution and stable performance. At present, the company’s first-generation product is on the market, interested users can contact us for more details.

Key Features

  • Unprecedented sensitivity for scatter (24 nm) and fluorescence (single PE)
  • Multiparameter analysis of <100 nm nanoparticles
  • Complementary to conventional FCM in size below 200 nm
  • Covers the entire size range of EVs

NanoFCM ISEV 15 minute presentation Nano-Flow Cytometry: A comprehensive platform for Extracellular Vesicle Analysis

The NanoAnalyzer uses nFCM to analyse EV samples both labelled and label-free, providing high measurements of size, concentrations, and fluorescence.


Implementing strategies for single-molecule fluorescence detection in a sheathed flow, NanoFCM provides a versatile and powerful platform —— Flow NanoAnalyzer for the multiparameter analysis of functional nanoparticles (7-1000 nm) at the single-particle level. By precise quantification of the ultraweak elastically scattered light from single nanoparticles, high-resolution size distribution comparable to that of electron microscopy can be acquired in 1-2 minutes. Biochemical properties of single nanoparticles can be analyzed via concurrent multi-color fluorescence detection. Flow NanoAnalyzer is therefore expected to become a powerful tool for life science, nanoscience and nanotechnology studies.

Flow NanoAnalyzer has been sold to the top research institutions and high-tech enterprises at home and abroad. It has established a large number of high-end user cases, and has a very good market prospects. MD Anderson Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic,NIH,Codiak, Sydney University, Taiwan University and other leading global research institutions and high-tech companies are our customers.