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The Ultimate Pure Water Supply with Larger Storage Capabilities

All the extraordinary components of our RO alpha packed into a larger cabinet for more tank capacity (300 L).

Everything in one space-saving cabinet.

Designed for a maximum lifetime. The most reliable way of producing pure water for entire floors with a huge pure water storage tank.

Technical Specification

Performance 60L/h, 120L/h, 180L/h, 300L/h
RO retention rate > 99% salts, germs and bacteria
Residual conductivity (with EDI) 0.06 - 1 µS/cm
Typ. residual conductivity (with EDI) 0.1 µS/cm
TOC value (with EDI) < 30ppb
Silicate reduction (with EDI) > 99%
WCF rate 75% (adjustable)

Key Features

Smart Monitoring

  • All values are permanently supervised. Further to the general information like conductivity and temperature, your RO alpha system monitors several parameters like pressure and flowrate and shows whenever a value is out of specification. This guarantees an optimal performance.

Dependable Controller

  • Comfortable 2-line LCD-display in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish for automatic monitoring and control of our RO alpha systems.

Option - Large, Intuitive Touch Screen

  • Graphic TFT display (800×480, touch panel) with easy to use menu, automatic temperature compensation, alarm history, alarm output, different languages and various programmable options.
  • Ethernet communication for web server, e-mail function and remote control.
  • Up to 6 Recorder outputs 0(4)-20mA for recording measurements. RS232 and RS485 communication for log data.

Reliable Operation

  • Highest quality parts and components ensure best possible water quality and avoid downtime. Sensors protect the system from dry running.  

Long-lasting Prefiltration

  • An integrated prefilter protects the RO membrane from impurities in the feed water.

Cost- and Water-saving Concentrate Recycling

  • The concentrate, which is normally discharged directly into the drain, is recirculated to minimise the waste water.

Option - 300L Tank

  • Integrated storage tank for the pure water fed in from the reverse osmosis (and EDI). Made of black PE. Closed, square and opaque construction, with a 200 mm inspection opening for cleaning. A sterile overflow and vent filter prevents the produced water from quality degradation.

Option - UV Tank Disinfection

  • The integrated UV immersion tube system ensures a chemicalfree disinfection of the pure water stored inside the storage tank using UV radiation. The UV light irradiates the water and the tank walls above and below the water level with UV-C radiation, so that no biofilm can develop, and the water is permanently disinfected.

Option - EDI module

  • The ion exchange beds in the EDI cell are regenerated continuously so that they do not exhaust in the same way as common ion exchangers.  An EDI unit may operate for many years before a replacement is required. Typically product water resistivity of >15 MΩ.cm is consistently achieved using this process. This technology will increase the lifetime of the final polishing cartridge significantly and also deliver more consistent purity than single-bed ion-exchange systems that may release weakly bound ions as the media exhausts. The EDI module also reduce the release of organic impurities. This helps to lower your operating costs.

Option - Booster Pump 3m³/h at 2.5 bar

  • Fully integrated, self-priming, compact booster pump with extremely low-noise permanent magnet motor and water cooling. The integrated speed control enabling the keeping of the perfect pressure at the consumers, meaning that the pump performance will increase with increasing demand. Equipped with a built-in dry run protection.
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