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Nittoseiko Analytech - Coulometric Moisture Meter - CA-200

The CA-200 Karl-Fisher-Titrator provides a flexible and highly accurate solution for moisture measurement in compliance with international standards. Its modular design with two separate channels supports simultaneous coulometric and volumetric Karl Fischer titration as well as many other volumetric titration applications. A variety of vaporizers allow indirect measurement of solid, liquid, oil and gaseous samples. Full automation is available for both liquid and solid samples, LPGs can be measured with multiple replicates.

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Measurement Method: Generate iodine by electrolytic oxidation and determine the electric quantity required at the time
Measuring Ranges: 10 µg - 100mg H2O (Dozens ppm to about 1%)
Options: 2-Channel Simultaneous Measurement

Key features

  • Dual channel simultaneous measurement (patent pending)
  • Multi language user interface
  • Built in printer
  • Additional volumetric titrations (e.g. bromine Index / Number)
  • Electrode conditioning (patent pending)
  • Data access and instrument control via PC software (CFR Part 11 compliant)
  • Sample introduction modules for any kind of sample
  • Unique application development including choice of reagents
Nittoseiko Analytech

On April 1, 2020, we took a new step forward as a group company of Nittoseiko Co., Ltd..

Over 40 years, we, formerly as Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech Co., Ltd. have responded to the diverse needs of our customers with our proprietary, cutting-edge technologies, and have endeavored to provide products and services that are comfortable for people, society, and the earth. In particular, we have aimed to contribute to the business fields of energy and environment through our diverse range of analytical and measuring instruments.

In recent years, global issues such as greenhouse warming, air pollution, water pollution, and more recently microplastics in the oceans have become increasingly pressing worldwide. In this context, we must take various measures to restore the global environment that is essential to sustainable development.

We will keep striving to provide diverse, high-quality solutions that help resolve these issues, and will continue to make every effort to earn even higher valuation from and the patronage of our customers.