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Postnova Analytics - Particle Fractionator - SF2000 Splitt FFF

With the introduction of the SF2000 G Postnova has launched a new type of Gravitational Splitt FFF. The SF2000 G is a the first true completely integrated and modular commercial G-Splitt including online optical particle detection. The machine can be used to separate, fractionate, purify and to characterize microparticles in one step. The attached PN3000 XPT detector allows determination of size and shape of the particle fractions eluting from the channel.

The system features a broad separation range from 1 to 300 µm depending on sample nature and has the ability to separate different shaped particle fractions from each other. The SF2000 G is clearly setting a new standard in the area of microparticle fractionation and marks a real break-through in Splitt science.

The system is using Postnovas unique G-Splitt FFF channel which can be re-used and cleaned after operation. Special pumps deliver and control all necessary in- and outlet flows and the attached PN3000 XPT detector provides further information about the particle fractions via its powerful software.

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Postnova AnalyticsPostnova Analytics is the inventor and leading supplier of Field-Flow Fractionation systems for the main growth markets of biopharma, polymers, materials, nanotech and environmental. Postnova has a unique and patented modular FFF - Light Scattering Platform, which allows flexible adaption to various market and applications. The key product portfolio comprises Flow FFF, Centrifugal FFF, Thermal FFF and MALS and DLS Light Scattering. Postnova has seen significant growth rates over many years and has become an established provider of scientific instruments especially in the nanotechnology, polymer and biopharmaceutical markets.