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Manual PMDI wasting is a tedious time consuming task that can result in repetitive stress injuries over time. Coupled with this risk, improper manual shaking and shake-to-fire intervals in testing can vary the delivered dose from 75% to 320% of label claim per actuation. Over or under-delivery of the delivered dose during a single actuation can change the total drug concentration, introduce variability, and impact final results.

The Kinaero™ High-Throughput Fire-Down System is a solution that precisely automates shaking and actuation of up to 10 devices simultaneously, ensuring uniform dose delivery for every shot through the life of the devices.

Key features

  • Provides capacity for 10 devices with full control over all shaking and actuation parameters, including options for position-controlled or force-limited actuation
  • Electromechanically driven—no need for compressed air or vacuum
  • Universal cassettes allow for variability in different device dimensions; unique design features offering maximum versatility to accommodate future devices
  • Fully walkaway operation increases overall throughput, and frees up technicians for other tasks
  • Optional canister cassettes let you test loaded canisters on their own
  • The Break and Resume functionality allows for method pause to move samples to another test (i.e., DUSA or cascade impaction) during through life testing and then return to waste more shot without ending the method
  • Intuitive touchscreen control lets you quickly and easily create workflows, develop and release associated methods, and run the system
  • Comprehensive technical controls and reporting functionality facilitate compliance with U.S. 21 CFR Part 11 regulations for electronic records, electronic signatures, audit trails, and data/system/user traceability
  • Utilizes local database for storage of all recorded data, with the ability to connect multiple instruments to a central database via the Proveris Data Hub tool
  • Keeps track of everything—no more printed tear off data sheets and meticulously maintaining a data log book!
  • Allows you to automatically set intervals for filter changes and preventative maintenance schedules from within the software

Kinaero High Throughput Fire Down System

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Proveris Scientific

To help our customers bring optimally-performing orally inhaled and nasal drug products to patients around the world.

Proveris Scientific Corporation delivers innovative testing platforms, laboratory services, and deep product knowledge to customers who develop, manufacture or test orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs).

Our worldwide customer base includes the top innovator and generic pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, CDO/CRO/CMOs, and regulatory agencies.

By understanding the critical quality attributes affecting the performance of OINDPs, and effectively controlling them from a testing and patient usability perspective, our expert team of engineers, scientists, and service professionals can help you:

  • Ensure successful product development, and prevent late-stage development failures
  • Realize significant savings in time and resources by streamlining testing workflows and eliminating manual processes
  • Evaluate the suitability of various OINDP delivery devices for compound and optimize device parameters for maximum efficacy
  • Eliminate testing variables to maintain batch-to-batch reproducibility, simplifying regulatory submissions
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