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Proveris Scientific - SprayVIEW<sup>®</sup> Measurement System

Designed to meet rigorous testing standards for orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs), SprayVIEW® Measurement Systems are the industry standard for measuring and analyzing the spray pattern and plume geometry produced by spray and aerosol generating devices.

These systems have been validated and are being used in development and production environments at leading pharmaceutical companies, CDO/CMO/CROs, device manufacturers, and regulatory agencies around the world.

Technical Specifications

Product No. Model Name Included Actuator Intended Usage/Application
002201 SprayVIEW® System NOSP Vereo® Actuator NSx – Vertically actuated nasal spray devices
– Vertically actuated oral spray devices, horizontally sprayed
– Vertically actuated unit-dose, bi-dose nasal spray devices
– Vertically actuated unit-dose, bi-dose oral spray devices
002220 SprayVIEW® System NSSP Vereo® Actuator SSx Side actuated nasal spray devices
002240 SprayVIEW® System NDSP Vereo® Actuator DSx Dual side actuated nasal spray devices
002250 SprayVIEW® System SFpMDI Vereo® Actuator SFMDx Pressurized metered dose inhalers

Key Features

  • Single system for both development and QC offers valuable insight into product performance during your pre-submission phase, as well as day-after-day reliability for production lot release testing
  • Configurable for a wide variety of OINDP devices from inhalers to nasal sprays by taking advantage of our family of: Vereo® Automated Actuators
  • Provides robust, semi-automated analysis of spray pattern and plume geometry required by U.S. FDA compliance documentation (2003 BA/BE Draft Guidance)
  • Accurate characterizations of reference products lets you achieve bioequivalence faster
  • Helps you understand how Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) such as formulation viscosity and pump/valve design affect your product’s performance
  • Allows you to measure plume velocity and evaporation rate for in-depth product characterization
  • Industry-leading software offers intuitive instrument control, method development, data analysis tools, as well as a full audit trail for your product
  • Intuitive user-guided workflows ensure quality data generation and minimize errors
  • Comprehensive technical controls and reporting functionality facilitate compliance with U.S. 21 CFR Part 11 regulations for electronic records, electronic signatures, audit trails, and data/system/user traceability
  • Connection to a central database lets you create, validate, and deploy testing methods, which can be easily transferred to other instruments and other sites around the world
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Education & Academics
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
Proveris Scientific

To help our customers bring optimally-performing orally inhaled and nasal drug products to patients around the world.

Proveris Scientific Corporation delivers innovative testing platforms, laboratory services, and deep product knowledge to customers who develop, manufacture or test orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs).

Our worldwide customer base includes the top innovator and generic pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, CDO/CRO/CMOs, and regulatory agencies.

By understanding the critical quality attributes affecting the performance of OINDPs, and effectively controlling them from a testing and patient usability perspective, our expert team of engineers, scientists, and service professionals can help you:

  • Ensure successful product development, and prevent late-stage development failures
  • Realize significant savings in time and resources by streamlining testing workflows and eliminating manual processes
  • Evaluate the suitability of various OINDP delivery devices for compound and optimize device parameters for maximum efficacy
  • Eliminate testing variables to maintain batch-to-batch reproducibility, simplifying regulatory submissions
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