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Quantabio reverse transcription reagents combine advanced qScript reverse transcriptase technology in a variety of stabilized, user-friendly formulations that deliver highly reproducible and sensitive RNA detection across a broad range of RNA input.

Our scientists were the first to successfully develop a comprehensive 1-tube reverse transcriptase reagent with sensitivity and linear dynamic range equivalent to traditional component reaction assembly. Quantabio’s new qScript XLT reagents continue to push the envelope of limit of detection (LOD) sensitivity and reproducibility.

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Available models

Kit Size

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25 x 20 µL reactions
Order (95217-025)
100 x 20 µL reactions
Order (95217-100)
500 x 20 µL reactions
Order (95217-500)

Faster, better, tougher next generation cDNA SuperMix for first strand cDNA synthesis

qScript Ultra SuperMix is an efficient, easy-to-use master mix for RNA to cDNA synthesis. Features a novel RNase H deficient reverse transcriptase for improved stability, speed, and resistance to inhibitors. Ideal for 2-step RT-qPCR or RT-PCR.


Key Features

  • Enhanced Thermostability – Engineered for RT activity up to 65°C, overcoming challenging secondary structures
  • Superior Speed – 10 minute reaction time with a total protocol time of 13 minutes
  • Maximum Yield & Sensitivity – Wide dynamic range with no loss in cDNA abundance linearity from total RNA 2.5 µg – 1 pg
  • Ultimate Inhibitor Resistance – Overcome a wide array of PCR inhibitors (salt, heparin, melanin, etc.)
  • Balanced Coverage of Long Transcripts – Unbiased representation of the transcriptome in cDNA product
  • Ease of Use – Single tube mix with all required components for cDNA synthesis except RNA template

qScript Ultra SuperMix is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a disease.



Kit Size

Order Code

25 x 20 μL rxns (1 x 100 µL)
Order (95048-025)
100 x 20 μL rxns (1 x 400 µL)
Order (95048-100)
500 x 20 μL rxns (2 x 1000 µL)
Order (95048-100)

Superior cDNA synthesis in a Single Step

qScript cDNA SuperMix is a sensitive 1-tube reagent for real-time qPCR, offering optimized performance across various RNA inputs (10pg - 1ug), stability through freeze/thaw cycles, and equal 5' and 3'-sequence representation for precise gene expression quantification. For longer RNA or gene-specific priming, consider our qScript Flex cDNA Kit.


Key Features

  • Stabilized 5X concentrated master mix minimizes pipetting to significantly improve assay accuracy
  • Sensitive first-strand cDNA synthesis of RNA sequences ≤1kb for quantitative and conventional two-step RT-PCR
  • Broad linear dynamic detection range with limiting (10pg) or plentiful (1µg) samples of total RNA
  • Pre-blended with ribonuclease inhibitor protein (RIP) to prevent RNA template degradation during incubation and a proprietary blend of random and oligo(dT) primers, optimized to deliver unbiased representation of 5’ and 3’ sequences

qScript cDNA SuperMix is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a disease.




QuantabioQuantabio is a leading provider of advanced DNA and RNA amplification reagents for the most demanding molecular testing applications in applied, translational, and life science research. Our team leverages decades of experience in developing pioneering amplification technologies to deliver cutting-edge products to researchers focused on critical cloning, PCR, qPCR, and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications. Based in Beverly, Massachusetts, Quantabio offers a growing portfolio of products through its international sales operations, as well as a global network of distributors and commercial service providers.