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QuantaRed - FameSpec®

Background FAME in Jet Fuel Measurements

The increased use of biodiesel (FAME) led to the issue of cross‐contamination of jet fuel during transportation or storage in multiproduct facilities, like pipelines and ships or road tankers. FAME is known to negatively influence the thermal stability of jet fuel and to lead to a performance deterioration of aircraft engines, e.g., by forming coke deposits. Therefore, a maximum FAME content of 50 mg/kg has been included in international jet fuel specifications DEF STAN 91‐091 and ASTM D1655.


  • Airport
  • Pipelines terminal
  • Refinery
  • Military

The FameSpec® is a compact stand‐alone analyzer that comes in a modern, portable and rugged design. It provides fully automatic and rapid measurement with high sample throughput. All types of FAME, including short chain methyl ester, are detected within a short measurement time.

Principles of operation

The FameSpec® FAME in jet fuel analyzer combines the increased sensitivity of QCLs with a patented automated sample preparation technique. FAME is removed from the sample by a selective chemical reaction facilitated by a catalyst. The catalyst is encapsulated in a multi‐use column completely avoiding the necessity for single‐use consumables. The FameSpec® is the only device in the marketplace equipped to run ASTM Test Method D8290.

Technical specifications

Fuel types Aviation turbine fuel: Jet A, Jet A-1, JP5, JP8
FAME types All types of FAME with C8 – C22 molecules: Coconut-, Palm-, Rapeseed-, Sunflower-, Soy-, Tallow- and Used Cooking Oil Methyl Esters
Method ASTM D8290
Correlation to Infrared spectroscopy: ASTM D7797, IP583 Chromatography: IP585, IP590, IP599
Measurement principle Quantum Cascade Laser Infrared Absorbance Spectroscopy
Sample volume 50 mL
Sample preparation Automated, no manual sample preparation required
Consumables No single-use consumables:
- Column, 1 per 80 measurements
- Reactant, internal reservoir for ~100 measurements
Number of samples 10-port autosampler (single port option)
Measurement time - < 25 min per sample
- Rapid measurement capability, early estimation after 10 minutes
Certified range 10 – 400 mg/kg
Measurement range 0 – 500 mg/kg
Voltage/Power Auto-switching 85-264 V AC, 47-63 Hz, typ. 50 W, max. 160 W
(built-in multi-voltage power supply)
Operating conditions 10 – 35 °C (50 – 95 °F), humidity up to 90 % RH, non-condensing
Dimensions 25 x 36 x 36 cm³ / 9.84 x 14.17 x 14.17 inch³ (1- port)
33 x 36 x 36 cm³ / 13.00 x 14.17 x 14.17 inch³ (10-port)
Weight 16 kg (35 lb.)

Key features

  • Based on QCL‐IR technology
  • Detects all types of FAME
  • High precision (repeatability of 0.8 mg/kg at 5 mg/kg)
  • Wide measurement range (10 ‐ 400 mg/kg)
  • Fast measurement (<25 min)
  • Automated sample preparation
  • 10‐port autosampler
  • Fully portable compact design
QuantaRedQuantaRed Technologies, founded in 2008, is the leading provider for Quantum Cascade Laser-Based Sensors for the liquid phase. With our headquarters in Vienna and a worldwide distribution network we provide top-class service and instrumentation for several applications. Our technology is based on spectroscopy and offers unique reliability, accuracy and low operating costs. Our new generation of upcoming instruments is committed to ease of use, fast response time and delivery of an outstanding repeatability.
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