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VROC® powered viscometers require small samples and are quick and easy to obtain accurate viscosity measurements. RheoSense's proprietary technology powers all of our viscometers; enabling ease of use, smaller samples, and a wider dynamic range (shear rate and temperature).

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Available Models

RheoSense Viscometers microVISC
Minimum Sample Volume
100 μL
Viscosity Range
1-3,500 cSt
Operating Range
18 - 40 °C
Output Range
20 - 100 °C
Humidity Range
0 ~ 90%, Non-condensing
~+/- 2% Reading
~+/- 0.5% Reading
Typical Test Time
<1 min
Correlates to ASTM D445

Portable, Small Sample Viscometer 

microVISC is the ultimate solution for your routine viscosity measurements. This portable and small sample viscometer is intuitively designed so that users can start operating within one minute. It employs RheoSense's patented Viscometer/Rheometer-on-a-Chip (VROC®) technology and offers accurate and repeatable viscometry measurements, using sample size as little as 100 microliters.

Battery-operated and portable, microVISC can be deployed at any laboratory location or in the field. microVISC has been adopted by leading companies worldwide as their choice for quick, easy, and rapid viscometric measurements. High precision and accuracy saves time and resources.


Key Features

  • Ease-of-Use 
  • Small Sample Volumes
  • Rapid Viscosity Measurements (Less than One Minute!)
  • Accuracy Up to 2% of Reading — Low Viscosity to High Viscosity
  • Repeatable Viscosity Measurement, 0.5% of Reading
  • Reading Resolution x 0.001 mPa-s
  • Portable — Weighs only 1.6 lb 
RheoSense Viscometers m-VROC
Minimum Sample Volume
50 µL
Maximum Shear Rate, s-1
0.5 ~ 1,400,000 s-1
Viscosity Range, mPa-s (cP)
0.2 ~ 100,000 cP
Temperature Range*
4~70 oC
2% of Reading
0.5% of Reading
Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sweep
Shear Rate Sweep

Controlled Shear Rates and Small Samples

m-VROC is the leading automated, small sample viscometer, featuring the widest dynamic range (high shear rate viscosity measurements up to 1,400,000 s-1) with as little as 50 microliters of sample.


Key Features

  • Accuracy: 2% of Reading
  • Repeatability: 0.5% of Reading
  • Viscosity Range: 0.2 ~ 100,000 mPa-s (or cP)
  • Shear Rate Range: 0.5 ~ 1,400,000 s -1
  • Small Sample Volume: 50 µL 
  • Viscometer Dimensions: 10" x 15.5" x 7"

Portable and Small Sample Viscometer: microVISC

Microliter Sample Volume Viscometer m-VROC Features

What Is VROC Technology? How Does It Measure Viscosity?


RheoSense is a global high tech company based in the Bay Area of California. Our innovative viscometers feature patented Viscometer/Rheometer-on-a-Chip (VROC®) technology. Utilizing state-of-the-art MEMS and microfluidics breakthroughs that redefine the viscometry industry, our instruments offer the smallest sample volume per measurement coupled with exceptional ease-of-use and accuracy. We are the leader in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and the emerging protein therapeutics industries. RheoSense instruments have been rigorously tested, approved, and adopted worldwide by Fortune Global 500 companies and leading research universities.