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Rigol L-3000 Quaternary Autosampler HPLC Systems

RIGOL L-3000 HPLC Systems were designed in accordance with UHPLC standard, with an outstanding operating pressure limit 9,000 psi, that’s the highest pressure range compare to similar HPLC system.RIGOL LC systems own independent intellectual property rights, all of the key units/modules are of autonomous design and manufacturing.It can be widely used in the fields of pharmaceutical, biochemical, environmental, food safety, petrochemical engineering, agriculturaland etc.

Technical Specifications

Flow Rate Range 0.001mL/ min - 10.000mL/ min
Flow Rate Accuracy ±0.5% (@1mL/ min, water)
Max Pressure up to 9,000 psi
Volume of Sample Loop 100μL (optional for 10, 20 and 100)
Column Oven Temperature Accuracy ±1 °C
Build Type Modular

Key Features

  • Provides manual and automatic sampler workflow
  • Modular design with multi-channel liquid pumps for customized analysis solutions
  • Excellent capability in separating and analysing compounds with high melting points, low thermal stability, biological activity or high molecular weight
  • Capable of guaranteed high performance beyond standard HPLCs and at a significantly lower price point
  • Complies with international standards for quality, health and safety regulations
  • High detection sensitivity as low as 5 x 10.9 g/mL detection limit, creating higher sensitivty with lower noise floor
  • Agriculture
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Education & Academics
  • Environmental
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
Rigol ScientificRIGOL is a leading provider of measuring instruments in the development, production and marketing of high-tech enterprises, is the member of China's electronics industry association and China Instrument Association. RIGOL has international standard of advanced technology, and a large number of patents and computer operating system software copyrights, intellectual property rights to fill gaps in the country. RIGOL has applied for patents total of 493, have applied for up to 392 the total number of invention, and in which a number of patents and inventions have been authorized. RIGOL currently employs more than 500 people, in R&D, sales and management staff accounted for 98% bachelor's degree, and for R&D, master and doctor occupies 70%.
[hplc, chemical characterization, liquid chromatography, modular hplc, automatic sampler]