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The Biostat STR® Generation 3 with Biobrain® Automation Platform

Engineered for Ultimate Upstream Performance

Biostat STR® single-use bioreactors and the Biobrain® automation platform offer multiple configurations and convenient software upgrades to quickly adapt facilities as requirements change. The Generation 3 system is now available with integrated Repligen XCell ATF® Technology for intensified processes and access to our best-in-class BioPAT® toolbox. Biostat STR® bioreactors and Flexsafe STR® bags range from 50 L to 2,000 L and can enhance speed, quality, and flexibility in process development and commercial manufacturing operations.

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Key Features

The Biostat STR® Generation 3 single-use bioreactors are powered by the GMP compliant automation platform Biobrain® and come with a comprehensive suite of analytical tools. Ready for process intensification through integrated Repligen XCell ATF® Technology, the Biostat STR® can help enhance productivity, reduce footprint and lower COGs of your facility. The system can be used fully standalone or easily integrates into existing automation infrastructures and consistently delivers outstanding performance, quality, and productivity supporting manufacturers as they bring safe, effective, and affordable life-changing biopharmaceuticals to market.

  • Stay flexible and optimize space
  • Reduce operating expenses · Minimize risk
  • Achieve superior process control
  • Improve productivity and ease of use
  • Increase facility throughput

Sartorius - Biostat STR® Generation 3

The new Biostat STR Generation 3 single-use bioreactor and Biobrain automation platform supports intensified bioprocessing and integration to DCS systems including native DeltaV™. The system is available with multiple options and configurations so that you can adapt to changing demand in pilot or GMP production environments.

  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
Sartorius Lab InstrumentsThe Sartorius Group is a leading international partner of the biopharmaceutical industry and the research sector. We are helping biotech scientists and engineers across the entire globe to develop and manufacture medications from the first idea to production. So more people will have access to better medicine.
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