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10x Faster Aseptic Filling with Single-Use Plug and Play Setup

Minimize filling time with an efficient aliquoting solution that pumps fluid to 10 bags simultaneously.

The Linkit® AX Aliquoting Solution is ideal for aliquoting small quantities of process fluids fast, evenly, and reproducible batch-to-batch. The plug & play concept, combined with ready-to-use patented manifold design, minimizes operator effort and error and consistently distributes fluid between the 10 bags with an accuracy of ±5%. The solution is designed to address the pain points of manual filling and aliquoting applications without the need to heavily invest in big and complex equipment.

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Key Features

There is no product like the Linkit® AX in the market today

Aliquoting is a common task in bioprocessing - often done manually, with all the pain points that accompanies the use of traditional bag manifolds: bulky, difficult to handle & manipulate and prone to operator error. Fully automated aliquoting systems require considerable capital investment and are more suited to drug substance and drug product filling applications. The Linkit® AX aliquoting system is the first simultaneous filling solution, offering fast filling with a distribution accuracy of ±5.1% and not requiring an initial high capital expenditure cost.


  • Reach Higher Throughput: Fast filling performance with a unique flow-through fluid design of the main hub.
  • Work Confidently With More Automation: QApp guides the operator during a filling operation, ensuring batch-to-batch repeatability.
  • Simplify Aliquoting Operations: Fully assembled, compact and small footprint solution - no need to handle bulky and complicated traditional manifolds.
  • Go Paperless With Compliant Batch Records: Full end-to-end traceability in compliance to FDA directive 21 CFR part 11 and EU Annex 11.

Sartorius - Linkit® AX Aliquoting Solution

The ideal solution for aliquoting small quantities of process fluids. Linkit®️ AX simultaneously fills 10 Flexsafe®️ bags - fast, evenly, and reproducible batch-to-batch.

  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
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