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MA Moisture Analyzers for Every Application

Choose the Instrument Fitting Best to Your Needs From Our Well Known Sartorius Ma Family

Moisture analyzer MA family for moisture analysis in daily routine laboratory applications in research and development as well as quality and process control. Sartorius offers a broad range of instruments, from the user friendly basic model to our high end moisture analyzer with the highest possible measuring accuracy a thermogravimetric moisture analyzer can currently offer. With the accuracy of an analytical balance, this moisture balance delivers exact results for moisture contents even below 1% within minutes.

Available models

Sartorius Moisture Analyzer MA35

Basic moisture analyzer for simple routine checks

The MA 35 is a fast and time saving alternative to the drying oven that can be used in the laboratory, but also in production environments.

  • Quick and reliable results: The quick and uniform heating of the sample ensures short measurement times and precise and reliable results.
  • Use even in harsh production environments: The compact and rugged design with long-lasting components which are insensitive for vibrations or dirt allow precise measurements in all areas of application. 
  • Fully automatic endpoint determination for simple use: Sartorius´s unique, fully automatic endpoint determination makes a programing of the switch-off criterion unnecessary so that the instrument can be used competently by anyone.

Typical uses: Recurring samples with repetitive measurements in different applications partly with harsh environmental conditions like wastewater treatment plants, biogas facilities and many more.

Sartorius Moisture Analyzer MA37

Next generation basic moisture analyzer

The MA 37 is the perfect solution for your recurring moisture analysis tasks no matter, if you are in production, incoming goods inspection or in the lab.

  • User-friendly operation: Step by step user guidance implemented in our brilliant touch screen for simple routine operation
  • Optimized measurements: Thanks to its high-performance infrared heating it shortens measurement times by simultaneously delivering accurate and reproducible results.
  • Unmet cleaning: Its special design with removable parts enables cleaning easy as never before that can be performed even in a dishwasher.

Typical uses: Recurring samples with repetitive measurements in different industries like food and beverage, chemical and many more.

Sartorius Moisture Analyzer MA100

Analytical precision combined with flexibility and dynamic

  • High-performance measurements: With its analytical weighing system with a resolution of 0.1mg the MA 100 can determine moisture contents even below 1% precise and reproducible.
  • Expanded flexibility: The MA 100 gives you a choice of three different infrared heat sources: halogen, ceramic and CQR quartz glass and a broad range of different functions to adapt the measurement to changing requirement or different and challenging samples.

Typical uses: Samples with low moisture content (< 1%) and/or other special requirements in different industries like pharma, food and beverages, paper and textile industry, plastic processing and others.

Sartorius Moisture Analyzer MA160

Fast and accurate analysis on the widest variety of product samples

The MA 160 is the perfect choice if you have various samples no matter if you are in the laboratory or in production. It determines the moisture content of liquids, pastes and solids conveniently, reliably and in minimum time. 

  • Optimized performance: Powerful heating for up to 30% faster measurement times combined with our special Better-Clean design for unequaled cleaning possibilities.
  • Self-explaining method management: The Method Development Assistant function enables you to create your own methods for different samples and efficiently manage the methods in a library. 
  • Expanded data management: The high memory capacity for methods, results, calibration and performance data ensure traceable GMP-compliant documentation at any time.

Typical uses: Varying samples in all kinds of industries like chemistry, food and beverage and many more.

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