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TA Instruments - Rheology - ARES - G2

The ARES-G2 is the only Separate Motor and Transducer (SMT) rheometer in the world. An SMT is more than two drives. It is a separate motor and transducer optimized for every aspect of rheological measurement. A motor designed for perfect deformation. A transducer optimized for exacting stress measurements. The result is the purest rheological measurements, free of instrument artefacts over the widest ranges of stress, strain and frequency.

The ARES-G2 incorporates patented non-contact temperature sensor technology for active measurement and control of both the upper and lower plate temperature (Patent # 6,931,915).

Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRTs) are positioned in intimate contact with the center of the lower and upper measurement surfaces and transmit temperature readings to the instrument wirelessly. These temperature readings enable direct control of both plate temperatures and result in more accurate and responsive temperature control, no vertical temperature gradients and no need for complex calibration procedures and offset tables to infer sample temperatures.

Technical specifications

Transducer Type Force/Torque Rebalance
Transducer Torque Motor Brushless DC
Minimum Transducer Torque in Oscillation 0.05 µN.m
Minimum Transducer Torque in Steady Shear 0.1 µN.m
Maximum Transducer Torque 200 mN.m
Transducer Torque Resolution 1 nN.m
Transducer Normal/Axial Force Range 0.001 to 20 N
Maximum Motor Torque 800 mN.m
Motor Design Brushless DC
Displacement Control/Sensing Optical Encoder
Strain Resolution 0.04 µrad
Min. Angular Displacementin Oscillation 1 µrad
Max. Angular Displacement in Steady Shear Unlimited

Key features

  • Unrivaled data accuracy
  • Unmatched strain and new stress control
  • Fully integrated fast data sampling
  • Separate electronics
  • New Smart Swap™ environmental systems
  • Patented Active Temperature Control
  • Advanced accessories
  • TRIOS Software providing extreme testing flexibility
  • Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (LAOS) and Fourier Transform (FT) Rheology Analysis Software package
  • NEW Orthogonal Superposition (OSP) and 2 Dimensional Small Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (2D-SAOS) techniques
  • NEW DMA mode for measurements of solids in bending, tension and compression

ARES-G2 Rectangular Torsion Fixture Calibration

TA instrumentsTA instruments provides innovative material characterization instruments that are widely used for research, analysis, and quality control in the evaluation of physical properties. We are the world’s leading supplier of thermal analysis, rheology, and microcalorimetry instruments, and our product areas have expanded to include thermal conductivity & diffusivity, dilatometry, rubber testing, and dynamic mechanical characterization.
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