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The ElectroForce Load Frame series features electrodynamic linear motors, combining rare-earth magnets and specifically designed electromagnetic topologies that are optimized for material testing and deliver best-in-class displacements and force over a wide range of frequencies. Operating without contact bearings, these motors provide friction-free linear guidance that delivers the ultimate reliability backed by a 10-year motor warranty and precise control that is only possible with a no-friction motor design. 

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Technical Specification

ElectroForce 5500 ElectroForce 3550 ElectroForce 3300 ElectroForce 3200
Peak/Max Sine ± 200 N ± 15000 N ± 1000 N ± 225 N
Static or RMS (continuous) ± 140 N ± 10600 N ± 700 N ± 160 N
Displacement 13 mm 50 mm 25 mm 13 mm
Fluid/Saline Bath Option Ambient to 40 °C Ambient to 40 °C Ambient to 40 °C
DMA 3200
Maximum Force 500 N
Dynamic Displacement Range ±0.0005 to ± 6.5 mm
Displacement Resolution 1 nm
Maximum Acceleration 80 G

Available models

ElectroForce 5500

The ElectroForce 5500 test instrument provides characterization and stimulation capabilities for a variety of synthetic materials such as composites and elastomers, biomaterials, tissue samples, and tissue-engineered constructs. It features a 200 N maximum force.


Key Features

  • General purpose, an entry-level instrument that is adaptable to a variety of test applications
  • Compact size that is easily portable and fits at lab stations, in an incubator (height of 50.1 cm), or on a cart
  • ElectroForce proprietary zero-friction motor that provides exceptional performance, simplicity, and efficiency
  • Above & Beyond™ support that provides application expertise, unlimited technical phone support, and the only 10-year warranty in the industry
ElectroForce 3500

ElectroForce 3500 test instrument are available in two base system configurations. The 3510 instruments, rated at 7.5 kN, is configured with the linear motor installed in the upper crosshead, making it well-suited for applications requiring a temperature-controlled bath. The 3550 instrument is rated at 15 kN and the linear motor is installed in the lower baseplate.


Key Features

  • Versatility for a variety of mechanical fatigue and dynamic characterization tests
  • Can perform tests over a wide frequency range
  • Air-cooled, clean-room compatible and quiet operation
  • Optional 49 Nm or 70 Nm torsional motor is available for multi-axial test applications.
ElectroForce 3300

The ElectroForce 3300 family includes two models; the ElectroForce 3310 provides 1000 N of maximum force while the ElectroForce 3330 provides 3000 N.  Both models are available with either table-top or floor-standing frames.   The floor-standing frame enables the expansion of capabilities by either adding torsion or extended stroke motors.  All configurations can perform tests that range from one cycle per day (or static tests) up to 100 Hz.  Select the force capacity and frame configuration that is appropriate for your testing needs.


Key Features

  • High resolution and high accuracy displacement measurement for both the dynamic axial motor and the optional torsional motor
  • Static to 100 Hz dynamic performance for a variety of applications
  • Integrated System Status Indicator (SSI) Light for highly visible color-coded display of instrument status
  • Electric motor driven test space adjustment with convenient locks, plus the added convenience of the lower Micro-adjust for precision alignment of grips.
  • Optional 14 Nm and 25 Nm torsional motor are available for multi-axial test applications
  • Optional 150 mm stroke extension motor to increase the instrument versatility for slower longer-travel tests
  • Accommodates a variety of environmental chambers including temperature-controlled saline baths and hot/cold chambers
ElectroForce 3200

The ElectroForce® 3200 Series III test instruments feature a 225 N (450 N optional) maximum force. With the versatility of static to 300 Hz frequency response, the table-top configuration is adaptable to a variety of biomedical research and engineered materials test applications, including torsion testing, creep under dynamic loading and special environments (hot/cold chambers).


Key Features

  • Compact and portable
  • Monotonic to 300 Hz frequency response
  • Simple test space adjustment
  • Optional saline bath for testing at 37C
  • Well-suited for low force testing of biomaterials and engineered materials
3200 High Force DMA

The DMA 3200 features patented ElectroForce linear motor technology enabling a single instrument to deliver unequalled performance and data accuracy. This unique motor technology combines powerful rare-earth magnets with a frictionless flexural suspension for the most precise force and displacement control over a wide range of frequencies and amplitudes. The DMA 3200 motor delivers a force output of up to 500 N and controlled displacements ranging from 1 micron to 13 mm. Testing can be conducted in both static and dynamic modes.


Key Features

  • Patented, linear motor and high-resolution displacement sensor provides unmatched control over the widest ranges of force, displacement, and frequency, for superior data accuracy
  • Ultra-durable, frictionless motor, backed by industry’s only ten-year warranty, provides maintenance- and worry-free operation
  • High force of 500 N enables testing of larger samples or final parts under real-world conditions, by achieving higher loading levels in both DMA and fatigue analysis
  • Forced Convection Oven (FCO) provides superior control and responsiveness over a temperature range of -150°C to 600°C for the highest degree of accuracy and flexibility in experiment thermal profiles
  • Large Sample Oven (LSO), with a temperature range of -150°C to 315°C, offers spacious interior dimensions to accommodate testing of large samples or components
  • Air Chiller Systems (ACS) offer unique gas flow cooling for sub-ambient testing without the use of liquid nitrogen, eliminating potential laboratory hazards while providing an incredible return on investment
  • Broad range of fixtures accommodate a wide range of sample sizes and geometries adding to testing versatility
  • Extremely rigid test frame and air bearings ensure the most accurate results on samples of very high stiffness
  • Multi-color status lights provide clear and visible indication of instrument and test status
  • WinTest® and TRIOS Software packages provide powerful and easy-to-use instrument control and data analysis for the ultimate flexibility in experimental design

Medical device testing is often aimed at evaluating a medical device’s risk of failure in patients, which is critical when device failure could result in serious harm or death. Durability testing is particularly important when implantable medical devices are intended for multi-year use and experience repeated stress and strain cycles. Cardiovascular devices such as stents, heart valves and other endovascular devices not only experience substantial stress or strain during each heartbeat cycle, but they must resist this loading repeatedly for approximately 400 million cycles for a 10-year lifetime, and 600 million for 15-year lifetime. In vitro fatigue testing to evaluate device durability against heartbeat loading is crucial for device manufacturers to gain regulatory approval such as per US FDA, European MDR and Chinese FDA requirements.

ElectroForce TestBench configurations were designed with component testing in mind, and thanks to their modular approach, a wide array of configurations and performance capabilities are possible.  These instruments can be configured with 200N or 400N ElectroForce linear motors mounted on a horizontal baseplate and include multi-channel and multi-axis options.

Reaction brackets are pre-designed to allow attachment of components or the test specimen to the mounting baseplate. In addition, a saline bath can be provided as an environmental option. By selecting the proper baseplate and ElectroForce® motor packages, a variety of testing needs can be addressed.


Key Features

  • Superior performance: choose parameters for your test protocol without compromising accuracy, including force, displacement, frequency, and wave shape (loading profile)
  • Controllability: precisely characterize different materials by controlling specific experimental parameters, including load, displacement, and strain control (with the Digital Video Extensometer (DVE))
  • Tailored for specific research needs: optional configurations for horizontal or vertical mounting, accessories such as saline baths, and multi-axis loading, including additional ElectroForce linear motors, extended stroke actuators, and rotary motors

ElectroForce Electromagnetic Linear Motor

ElectroForce 3200 - The World's Most Versatile and Dynamic Test System

TA instrumentsTA instruments provides innovative material characterization instruments that are widely used for research, analysis, and quality control in the evaluation of physical properties. We are the world’s leading supplier of thermal analysis, rheology, and microcalorimetry instruments, and our product areas have expanded to include thermal conductivity & diffusivity, dilatometry, rubber testing, and dynamic mechanical characterization.