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TMI - Compression Tester

Microprocessor control and operator-friendly software makes the 17-76 simple to operate. A new Servo motor design provides closed loop feedback for accurate and repeatable position control.  Ergonomic control layout maximizes the testing sequence while minimizing sample testing errors resulting in incorrect data.  The instrument meets or exceeds all international testing standards for accuracy, precision, and parallelism.

System software includes 8 corrugated test methods for quick access including: RCT, CCT, ECT, CMT, FCT, PAT, CLT and SQT- score test which calculates score ratio of scored verses unscored samples.  Test methods can be created by the operator and stored for future reference to simplify test set up. Other compression methods include peak force, peak height and stack load.

Technical specifications

Measuring range 0 – 1000 lb ( 0- 4448 Newton)
Load Cells 500 lb, 1000 lb (2250 N, 4448 N)
Accuracy ± .5 % of reading
Stroke length 8 in (203 mm) optional 16 in (406 mm) or 24 in (610 mm)
Measuring units N, N/m², lb, lb/in², kg or kg/m²
Upper Platen size 7 x 7 in (178 x 178 mm) with 8 in (203 mm) opening
Lower Platen size 7 x 7 in (178 x 178 mm)
Test speed 0.2- 20 in/min (5.08-508 mm/min)
Return speed ±4 in/min (± 101 mm/min)

Key features

  • Load capacity 1000 LB (4448 N)
  • Platen size 7 x 7 in (178 x 178 mm)
  • Test speed 0.2 - 20 in/min (5.08-508 mm/min)
  • Return speed 10 in/min (254 mm/min)
  • Color LCD display
  • Menu-driven software
  • Test results and statistics are displayed on screen
  • Preset keys for all relevant tests
  • Automatic fast return platen saves testing time
  • Pre-programmed with 3 languages
  • 8 corrugated test methods for quick access
  • Measuring units: N, N/m², lb, lb/in², kg, or kg/m²
  • RS232C serial data output
  • Built-in printer
  • Education & Academics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Polymers, Plastics and Rubbers
Testing Machines (TMI)The TMI Group of Companies is a multi-national organization that manufactures and markets physical property testing instruments focused on the packaging, paper, pulp, plastic film, foil, ink, coatings, nonwovens, adhesives, and corrugated industries.
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