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The Corona surface treatment is essential in label printing. When the label is made from plastic substrate the ink tends to become blemished due to its inability to bond to the plastic. This problem occurs because the surface energy of the plastic is insufficient to permit a proper bond. A quality Corona treatment is necessary to ensure the perfect label print quality we all want to see when looking at products at the end of the production line. Therefore, our Corona-Plus systems are not only designed for our customers in narrow web printing, but also for our customers’ customers, as our Corona- Plus systems help you obtain a flawless and long-lasting quality print.

Often, our customers discover that batches of incoming material have low dyne level (surface adhesion) or that the dyne level of the material on stock has decreased due to heat or humidity. Due to the low dyne level the narrow printing press cannot run at full speed.

As a consequence, the Vetaphone Corona systems are used for boosting already treated materials to create high adhesion ability.

A common problem in the narrow web industry is the necessity for using top coated materials which have been chemically altered in order to obtain a high surface adhesion for inks. The top coated materials are more expesive to purchase than regular materials.

By adding a Vetaphone Corona- Plus treater to your narrow web press, you will often eliminate the need for using top-coated materials and there- by decrease production costs significantly.

Optionally, difficult to treat materials can be applied a Plasma treatment, which on special materials can create better and longer lasting adhesion. To enable Plasma treatment the Corona Cartridge is replaced by a special encapsulated Plasma cartridge, where gas can be connected to remove the oxygen, thereby creating Plasma treatment.

Technical specifications

Widths 350-860 mm / 14-34 inches
Speeds 1-400 m/min / 1-1300 ft/min
Side for treatment 1 (2 sides optional)
Electrodes Ceramic (up to 6 pcs)
Roller covering Stainless Steel
Roller diameter ø100 mm / ø4 inches
Mounting Cantilevered or Base Mounting
Station Treatment Roller Mounting Pullout
VE1A-A 350 mm / 14 inches 410 mm / 16 inches 455 mm / 18 inches 890 mm / 35 inches
VE1A-A 420 mm / 17 inches 480 mm / 19 inches 525 mm / 21 inches 1030 mm / 41 inches
VE1A-A 560 mm / 22 inches 620 mm / 24 inches 665 mm / 26 inches 1310 mm / 52 inches
VE1A-B 650 mm / 26 inches 710 mm / 28 inches 760 mm / 30 inches 1500 mm / 59 inches
VE1A-B 760 mm / 30 inches 820 mm / 32 inches 870 mm / 34 inches 1720 mm / 68 inches
VE1A-B 860 mm / 34 inches 910 mm / 36 inches 960 mm / 38 inches 1900 mm / 75 inches

Other sizes available upon request

Vetaphone – Corona & Plasma for Narrow Web

Vetaphone Corona & Plasma

  • Automotive
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Food & Beverage
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
VetaphoneVetaphone is renowned as an innovative supplier of Corona and Plasma surface treatment technology to the printing, converting, and extrusion industries. Fundamental to the growth and success of Vetaphone since the early 1950s is the personal touch that still drives our company today. Now under second-generation family management, we are proud of the close working relationship we enjoy with our customers.
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