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Kanto Chemical - Post-Ashing residue removers and Resist strippers

DeerClean-LK series: Post Ashing Residue Removers for Cu/low-k Process. DeerClean-LK series is polymer remover highly recommendable for the single wafer cleaning method. Capable of removing post ashing residue within short time under low temperature after ashing without chemical attack on Cu and low-k film.Compatible for batch process and Single wafer tools.

DeerClean-SA series: Post Ashing Residue Removers for Al Process Capable of removing post dry etching and ashing residue under low temperature in a short time. Less chemical damage to various metals including Al and dielectric materials.

JELK series: Post Ashing Residue Removers for Al Process. Excellent removal performance of organic substances and metal residues.Capable of inhibiting damage to metals such as Al-Cu, Cu, W, Ti, TiN,Ni etc. Capable of removing post ion-implanted resist and dry film resist.

  • Chemical
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
KANTO CHEMICAL CO., INC.The electronic chemical division of Kanto Chemical offers a complete range of chemistries for the semiconductor applications. Among this portfolio, Kanto Chemical is eager to propose solutions for the Post-CMP cleaning, some Post-Ashing residue removers and resist strippers and Gold plating solutions.
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