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The FL5 + RDC is a high productivity printing and converting machine for cartons, scratch cards and labels where there are infrequent job changes.

The fully servo driven system allows for easy and repeatable setups in both the printing and converting sections. The rotary die-cutting technology (RDC enables high speed production of both sheets and die-cut product whilst maintaining the versatility of a one pass production). It comes in 600mm web width as standard.

This flexibility means that the FL5 + RDC can be configured for a wide range of applications such as: single pass cartons, single pass scratch cards, paper cups, sleeves and much more. Single pass production significantly reduces work in progress, number of operators, space requirement, waste and delivery times whilst also increasing overall efficiency of traditional multi pass production methods.

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Technical Specifications

Product FL5 FL7
Web widths (inch) (mm) 510mm | 20”
570mm | 22.4”
650mm | 25.5”
650mm | 25.5”
760mm | 29.9”
850mm | 33.4”
Repeat range (inch) 8 – 24”
203.2 – 609.6mm
14 – 36”
355 – 914mm
Material range (micron) 12 – 700 microns
0.5 – 27pt
<700 microns
Mechanical speed (m/min) 200 m/min | 660 ft/min 300 m/min | 990 ft/min

* 600mm is standard web width.

Available models

FL5 + FDC 600

The FDC-600 handles various printing processes, while the FL5 complements it for short-run carton production, efficiently covering cut, crease, emboss, braille, and more in a single pass.


The FL5 carton production line running in line with the Edale FDC-600, web-fed flatbed die cutter, make a highly efficient solution specifically designed for short-run folding carton production.


Key Features

  • Reduced set up and running waste
  • Just one operator needed
  • Short runs and multiple variations with ease

The FL5 + RDC is a highly productive machine designed for cartons, scratch cards, and labels with infrequent job changes. Its fully servo-driven system ensures easy and repeatable setups in both printing and converting sections, while rotary die-cutting technology (RDC) allows high-speed production of sheets and die-cut products. Edale offers customization options, including laminating, cold foiling, hot foiling, screen printing, and more.


This flexibility makes the FL5 + RDC suitable for various applications, significantly reducing work in progress, operator requirements, space, waste, and delivery times compared to traditional multi-pass methods.


Key Features

  • Increased productivity
  • Single pass production
  • Modular design- allows for future
  • Full servo driven technology and full motorised adjustment allows quick and repeatable set up
  • Autonomous closed loop register maintains accurate registration in both x and y directions reducing the need for operator intervention
  • Advanced HMI gives unlimited job storage function allowing for detailed job data to be used for fast and accurate job set-up
  • The rail system allows for additional options such as laminating, reverse print, foiling and screen to be easily moved between print units.


For unmatched versatility, consider the FL5 flexographic printing solution by Edale. This system handles a wide range of substrates, offers various finishing options, and can quickly switch between print jobs.


With an extensive range of carton board options, it serves multiple industries and can be customized to suit specific needs. Edale's AiiR system ensures quick job changeovers and consistent, high-quality results. The FL5 combines automation, superior print quality, and customization for your unique requirements


Key Features

  • Quick set-up: Full automation of print parameters allows for a quick and easy set-up
  • Advanced job recall: Motorised adjustment allows all settings to be stored which results in easy job recall and enhanced product repeatability
  • Flexibility: Advanced tension control allows many substrates to be run without any mechanical changes


The FL7 is a versatile mid-web carton printing and converting machine with a range of finishing options. It comes in two web widths (760mm and 850mm) and supports various inks. The fully servo-controlled flexographic print modules offer a maximum print format of 914.4mm.


This machine delivers web speeds of up to 300m/min and features Edale's AiiR camera-based autonomous registration control. It's fully modular and can be configured with different unwinds/rewinds or integrated with a third-party splicer. Post-print options include rotary die-cutting stations or a variable length sheet cutter, with additional choices for stripping, de-nesting, and stacking to meet specific requirements.


Key Features


1800mm | 70” Jumbo unwind

Automatic butt splicers

Corona treatment and web cleaning


  • Fully servo direct drive print and anilox sleeves
  • Enclosed chamber ink delivery
  • ‘Web-up’ design facilitates extensive drying capabilities
  • Water, solvent and UV inks
  • Reversible forward and reverse print stations and turnbars
  • Camera based autonomous registration
  • Gravure coating

Lamination & Foiling:

  • UV lamination and cold foil
  • Water and solvent based dry bond lamination
  • Thermal lamination

Post Press:

  • Heavy duty rotary die cutting cassettes
  • Pin stripping
  • Variable length sheet cutting


  • High pile stacking
  • Automated batch stacking


FDC 600

The Edale FDC-600 flatbed die-cutting machine combines sheetfed flatbed die-cutting with a servo-driven web transport system. It's ideal for efficient folding carton production when integrated with flexo or digital systems. With a max speed of 13,000 impressions per hour, it reduces downtime and substrate wastage.


The FDC-600 handles various carton sizes without special tooling, and it can be retrofitted to existing presses or used offline for pre-printed webs. This versatile machine cuts, creases, embosses, and more, with easy product collection and optional delivery solutions.


Key Features

  • Improved efficiency
  • Single-pass
  • Quick die changeover
  • Industry accepted die-cut quality
  • Proven web fed technology
  • Adapts to a wide range of carton sizes
  • Use with an Edale FL press or ability to interface with existing presses
  • Inline or standalone capability


FL5 Carton Press Demo Trailer

Edale FL7 Carton Printing & Converting Machine

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Our systems enable you to increase output and quality, reduce waste and enjoy maximum uptime. On top of that, all our machines are designed to be upgraded so you can stay up-to-date with the latest technology and your customers’ changing needs.

We stay one step ahead of the print and packaging market so you don’t have to, providing your business with solutions that help you to deliver day-in, day-out – enhancing your reputation, profitability and growth.