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Meyer Burger - HELiA

HELiA is the very latest generation of highly efficient cell coating, known as heterojunction.

The core components for the manufacturing of solar cells using heterojunction technology (HJT) are HELiAPECVD and PVD. The systems are perfectly coordinated, both technologically and with regard to their total throughput of 2,400 wafers per hour.

HELiA – ‘High Efficiency Low impurity Apparatus’ – is a platform for two coating processes in heterojunction-based cell coating. The  HELiAPECVD with the S-CubeTM applies the intrinsic a-Si layer for passivation, as well as the amorphous and doped a-Si layers, p and n. The HELiAPVD carries out front and rear surface coating using conductive TCO – with no turning of the wafer required. 
Thanks to low operating temperatures, heterojunction is the ideal technology for the very thinnest wafers.

Key features

  • Heterojunction technology combines advantages of amorphous silicon (thin film) with advantages of monocrystalline silicon wafers
  • Highest cell efficiencies of more than 23% with further growth potential
  • Reduced production process with only 6 steps
  • Significant increase in energy yield thanks to a top-class temperature coefficient of -0.25%/K
  • Ideal for thin wafers and ready for combination with SmartWire Connection Technology (SWCT)
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
Meyer BurgerMeyer Burger is a leading global technology company. With its innovative systems and production equipment, Meyer Burger creates sustainable added value for customers in photovoltaics (solar industry), in the semiconductor and optoelectronic industries as well as other selected industries which focus on semiconductor materials.