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We can provide optimal pin chucks tailored to strict requirements through customized design using world-class flattening process technology (flatness of 0.2 μm for 12-inch chucks).

Can flexibly be adjusted planar shapes of pin chucks with variable unevenness according to the shapes of wafers and customize absorption zones and pin patterns to enhance absorption responsiveness:


  • wafer fixation for semiconductor exposure equipment
  • wafer fixation for wafer inspection equipment


  • High precision: flatness of 0.2 μm with local flatness of not more than 0.05 μm
  • Shape control: adjustable chuck shapes in accordance with the shapes of wafers (unevenness control)
  • Absorption responsiveness: customized planar design following specifications

  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
NTK CeratecNTK CERATEC's core business revolves around ceramics and solutions using ceramic materials based on the latest processing and coating technology. The characteristics of ceramics are developed, such as harmlessness, chemical stability, and heat tolerance and pursue ecology through high energy efficiency and energy saving performance in semiconductor and liquid crystal product manufacturing for various cutting-edge fields like electronics and industrial machines.
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