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Von Ardenne - Coating Machine - PVD deposition system for wafers

Our business line "Research" represents the German company Von Ardenne in France, including MPS business unit. This business unit makes R&D PVD systems for university laboratories, CNRS, private laboratories in the semi-conductor and photovoltaic field.

The range of the system proposed by this business unit is from one process chamber (with or without load lock) to in-line multi-chamber, with also batch systems as clusters equipped by several process chambers. The size of the samples which could be processed on these different systems varies from really small to 400*400 mm2.

Thanks to their many fully active references, Von Ardenne is one the most preferred suppliers for this kind of systems.

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
Von ArdenneVON ARDENNE develops and manufactures industrial equipment for vacuum coatings on materials such as glass, wafers, metal strip and polymer films. These coatings give the surfaces new functional properties and can be between one nanometer and a few micrometers thin, depending on the application.