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The GERBERCUTTER® DCS 2600 is a high-speed, low-ply material processing system that utilizes GERBER’S PIVEX® cutting technology.

A high-frequency, oscillating cutting motion that is capable of cutting even the most complex materials with the highest of quality.

Optional ingress protection shields vital electronic components from foreign elements such as dust, moisture and conductive carbon particles.

Technical Specifications

Fabric Height Single Ply
Cutting Speed (maximum) 45 in./sec
Head Acceleration (maximum) 200 in./sec²
Cutting Area (no laser pointer) (Lengths) 9.2, 21.2, 27.2, 33.2, 39.2, 45.2, 51.2, 57.2, 63.2, 69.2, 75.2, 81.2, 87.2, 93.2, 99.2, 105.2, 111.2, 117.2 ft.
Cutting Area (no laser pointer) (Widths) 34.77, 70.77, 94.77, 118.77, 142.77, 166.77 in.
Table heights 31.5 or 36 in.
Humidity (maximum) 95% (non-condensing)
Vacuum System (altitude) 2,500 ft. above sea level

Key Features

  • Cuts intricate shapes with great accuracy and edge quality, without sacrificing speed.
  • Minimizes or eliminates overcuts and hangers for ultimate edge quality.
  • System minimizes material movement to ensure maximum precision.
  • Streamlines lean manufacturing with tailored system configurations that eliminate excess labor and processes, and integrates with existing manufacturing lines.
  • Powerful CutWorks® software automates part/ply placement for enhanced throughput and material utilization.
  • Optional Ingress Protection shields vital electronic components from foreign elements including conductive carbon particles, dust, and moisture.
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