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The Taurus™ II static leather cutting system captures the hide shape and up to four flaw grades in seconds using a digital camera. It then analyzes the image and automatically nests parts to optimize hide yield.

With Taurus™ II, GERBER applies its nearly two decades of nesting and leather cutting expertise to not only optimize cutting throughput but also maximize the yield of every hide cut to ensure users get the fastest return on their investment.

And, with Taurus II, our proven know-how is packed into an extremely efficient system but priced at a fraction of most automated leather cutting systems.

Technical Specifications

Material height Single ply
Cutting speed (maximum) 1.27 m/second
Cutting acceleration (maximum) 10.16 m/second²
Table height 0.82 - 0.85 m
Camera height 9 - 18 ft. (2.8 to 5.5 m) above cutting table*
Drive system 220V, one-phase, 15 amps


  • *9 to 12 foot camera height requires optional low ceiling lens kit.

Key Features

  • Ability to import data from many data types including NC, DXF, AAMA-DXF, and IGES.
  • Capability to cut leather, cloth, vinyl, foam and carpet.
  • Color hide digital capture at 0.8 mm resolutions; no color calibration required.
  • Database to record production statistics for every hide cut.
  • Available with automatic and manual nesting solutions.
  • Define flaw zones to improve quality and nesting efficiencies.
  • Durable and easily installed cutting surface.
  • AC brushless servo motors.
  • Taurus II takes advantage of more than one million strategies to deliver the highest yield in the most reasonable amount of time.
  • Inspectors use symbols to identify up to four flaw grades on the hide so non-critical parts can be nested in areas with minimal flaws to maximize hide utilization.
  • Marking flaws is fast and easy. Inspectors use a single color marker to draw symbols on hides. Multiple colored tape or markers are not needed.
  • Taurus II uses a digital camera mounted above the cutting table to capture the hide and its flaw markings in seconds; color calibration is not required.
  • The cutting beam is not encumbered by scanning so cutting time is maximized.
  • Taurus II SLD Dual Station provides the dual productivity “Cut While Capture” feature that captures and nests one hide while cutting a second hide on the second station.
  • Taurus II nests parts automatically and is easy to learn and use, so fewer skilled workers are required thereby reducing labor costs.
  • The system delivers consistent results that are not dependent on the performance of one or two individuals.
  • Digitally record the details of every hide, including total hide area, usable area and defect area and use these figures to negotiate more effectively with hide suppliers.
  • Get comprehensive data including cutting, scanning and nesting times, to track work in progress and identify opportunities to improve processes.
  • Taurus II is available in one or two station configurations that enable you to maximize your existing floor space.
  • The single-station Taurus II (SLS) offers the smallest footprint for flexible facility planning. As your business grows, simply add another single station cutting system.
  • The Taurus II dual-station system (SLD) offers maximum production output with the highest return on investment in the industry. The two station system enables users to cut on one station while capturing, nesting, preparing a hide, or offloading cut parts on the other station to maximize productivity of the system.
  • Both configurations accommodate full hides, half hides and remnants.
GERBERFor nearly half a century, Gerber Technology has been helping companies around the world develop, manufacture and take their products to market smarter, faster and more efficiently. Today, the company provides integrated software and hardware solutions to more than 78,000 customers in the aerospace, construction, furniture, fashion & apparel, transportation, technical textiles, packaging, wind energy and sign & graphics industries, including over 100 Fortune 500 companies in 130 countries. Drawing on a rich history of innovation, Gerber Technology’s leading-edge systems help customers reach their optimum by maximizing productivity and minimizing errors and waste. Based in Connecticut, USA, Gerber Technology is owned by American Industrial Partners, a New York-based, global private equity firm with more than $3 billion in assets under management.
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