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AccuPlan™ is the latest and most sophisticated GERBER cut and spread plan solution created based on existing products offered by GERBER: Easy Plan and GERBER Plan.

AccuPlan was created based on various customer's needs. Our goal was to offer a cut plan solution using the latest technology, providing an easy user interface with powerful workflow and functionality. With AccuPlan full integration with AccuMark and AccuNest™, cut planners and marker makers will improve their productivity creating efficient spread and cut plans and optimizing the production process.

Technical Specifications

Processor Speed Intel® Core™ i7 2400 3.1 GHz or higher
System Type 64-bit OS
Hard Disk Capacity 230+ GB
Memory 16 GB
Service Packs Current
Graphics Card Open GL Compatible


  • All operating system updates must be installed.
  • On Windows 7 systems, go to the Start Menu, Select All Programs followed by Windows Update then Install Updates. Note that this requires an Internet connection.
  • A Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • An open GL compatible graphics card such as the Nvidia Quadro K1000M or better.
  • SQL Server must be available prior to installing AccuPlan. SQL Server could be local or from a server location.

Key Features

  • AccuPlan interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Robust database written in SQL Server.
  • Uses a powerful Marker Library, a statistical database built from sets of previously made markers for the same or similar product or product mix.
  • AccuPlan uses AccuNest to draft markers on the fly, obtaining estimated length and efficiency information for pre-approvals.
  • New and more powerful tools of Marking, Spreading and Cutting Settings and Constraints that lead to optimal cut plan results.
  • Spread planning module fully integrated with cut plan solutions.
  • Improved workflow by eliminating the need for external programs.
  • AccuPlan provides a quick, powerful automatic cut plan solution and options to customize cut plan results.
  • Multi order solution: AccuPlan calculates cut work orders containing multiple styles, fabrics and colors.
  • Import multiple cut work orders from ERP systems, speeding up the process of cut planning and marker generation.
  • Access fabric inventory information from spreadsheets and YuniquePLM™.
  • Generate reports from finished cut plans to easily communicate results.
  • AccuPlan reduces production costs by automating marker planning.
  • AccuPlan assesses fabric inventory to properly communicate with spreaders and cutters.
  • Powerful Costing module that’s easy to setup and run. When the cut plan solution is done, AccuPlan also generates costing reports.
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