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The XLs125 is designed for maximum performance, repeatability and productivity.

The GERBERspreader™ XLs is an affordable automated spreading solution that ensures material rolls are spread without tension and the edges are aligned perfectly.

The XLs is ideal for a wide range of material applications.


Technical Specifications

Material width (maximum) 160, 180, 200, 220, 240 cm
Roll weight (maximum) 125 kg
Roll diameter (maximum) 65 cm
Maximum speed per minute 100 m
Operator side Left- or right-handed
Loading height over tabletop 44 cm
Total height over tabletop 35 in.
Main Fuse 16 Amp
Humidity (maximum) 95% (non-condensing)

Available models

GERBER XLs50 Spreader Get Exceptional Quality and Performance in a Tension-Free Spreading System at an Affordable Price
Technical Specifications
Material width (maximum)
180, 200 or 240 cm
Roll weight (maximum)
50 kg
Roll diameter (maximum)
40 cm
Maximum speed per minute
100 m
Operator side
Left hand
Loading height over tabletop
36 cm
Total height over tabletop
80 cm
Main fuse
16 Amp
Humidity (maximum)
95% (non-condensing)
Technical Specifications
Maximum roll diameter
90 cm*
Maximum roll weight
250 kg
Spreading height - one way
22 cm
Spreading height - zigzag
12 cm
Maximum speed per minute
100 m
Loading height over table top
600 mm
Total height over table top
1088 mm
Spreader weight
550 kg
Absorbed power
4.2 kWh


  • * Extra large cradle (120 cm) available for automotive foamlaminated materials or other high-loft fabrics.

Key Features

  • The XLs125 ensures predictable and repeatable tension-free spreading of material.
  • Provides accurate and consistent spread length.
  • Accurately aligns material edges so parts can be nested closer to the ends and edges of material to optimize material utilization.
  • Tension-free spreading ensures more accurate cut pieces and lower rejection rate in the sewing room.
  • Realize an immediate ROI with labor and material savings.
  • Low installation, training and other one-time costs.
  • Low ongoing costs for parts and maintenance labor.
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