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Von Ardenne - Coating Machine - PVD Equipments for thin film applications

Our business line "Energy" represents the German company Von Ardenne. Von Ardenne is the leading supplier of in-line industrial PVD deposition system for the PV industry.

Effectively, with the development of the Pia|Nova system, several thin films (Mo, Ag, Al, AZO, ITO, SnO2, Cr, NiV, Sb2Te3, Cu, Ga, In, SiOxNy,…)are deposited on glass substrate size Gen 5 in minimum 21 seconds.

The conveyor system permits to move horizontally the glass inside the system without carrier utilization. These assets permit Pia|Nova system to be an unique worldwide system.

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
VON ARDENNE GmbHVON ARDENNE develops and manufactures industrial equipment for vacuum coatings on materials such as glass, wafers, metal strip and polymer films. These coatings give the surfaces new functional properties and can be between one nanometer and a few micrometers thin, depending on the application.