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Our Business Segment Gourmet Fine Foods caters to the rapidly growing HORECA industry in Hong Kong, Macau and China. We provide a broad network through our professionally trained sales specialists covering our core channels: hotels, bakery chains and restaurants.

Our strategy is to bridge clients with customers and drive growth and market expansion by offering in-depth expertise, skills and industry specific know how.

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What DKSH can do for you Trusted partner for companies in the semi-finished pastry field

We represent over 25 clients in the semi-finished pastry field – such as chocolates, dairy products, frozen fruit puree – by offering distribution and logistics as well as marketing and sales to grow the clients’ business.

Our professional partnership approach includes:

  • digital platform with direct linkage to all partners’ information and  product information
  • own technical advisor and Gourmet Academy in Hong Kong and China
  • a professional partnership approach with customer and clients, ensure correct application with customized in-house training and recipes
  • a team of experienced specialists with a solution-provided selling approach

Reliable infrastructure backbone
Our temperature-controlled distribution facilities in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou ensure that all our chocolate and dairy products are handled in the most professional means from our clients to our customers. Headquartered and publicly listed in Switzerland, we have the scale and leverage to grow your business while ensuring maximum cost-efficiency.

Club Gourmet @ DKSH Innovative loyalty program for DKSH customers

DKSH operates the first-of-its-kind marketing and loyalty program in the region’s hospitality industry, Club Gourmet. Customers can earn Gourmet Points by making purchases with DKSH, which can be redeemed for a host of professional tools and educational courses.

Gourmet dessert

DKSH has supported us since we successfully entered China and Hong Kong 30 years ago as one of the first European chocolate couverture brands. This first-mover advantage and our valuable and long-lasting partnership with DKSH have helped us achieve a leading market position in these two markets.

Thomas Hagmann, Managing Director, CARMA®

Key facts about DKSH in Gourmet Fine Foods

Our business explained in a few facts.

Serving the HORECA channel in Hong Kong, Macau, China

Representing over 25 clients

Own technical advisor and Gourmet Academy in Hong Kong and Shanghai

Club Gourmet loyalty program and digital platform to connect customers and clients

Temperature controlled distribution centers in Hong Kong, Macao, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou