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Supporting local communities

DKSH corporate social responsibility

Throughout our history, being a responsible corporate citizen has been the foundation of our success. At DKSH, we do business in a way that is profitable while also taking care of and having a positive impact on society.

As we are deeply rooted in the communities we serve, we actively engage in a wide range of local initiatives. DKSH encourages and empowers its local entities to initiate their own as well as cooperate in regional or Group-wide initiatives that may be centered on infrastructure development, disaster recovery, environmental programs, education or philanthropic projects.

Along with growing our business, we contribute to the development of infrastructures and promotion of economic development across Asia. As a company with a long-term focus, we offer employment security and provide stability to local communities. With us, local talents in Asia receive training, knowledge and opportunities to develop themselves within an international environment. Our capillary distribution network enhances the quality of life of millions of people as we distribute consumer goods and healthcare products to meet their daily needs.

In 2014, we continued to demonstrate this commitment to local communities through new and existing initiatives. These projects include donating Christmas presents to disadvantaged children in Taiwan, sponsoring a rugby day with disadvantaged and disabled children in Cambodia, preparing and distributing food to the needy in Hong Kong and organizing the Fantree Club-Alladdin charity run 2014 in Malaysia raising funds for welfare homes for the elderly and underprivileged children.

  • DKSH drives sustainability activities for Indonesian schools

    We’ve joined forces with the Indonesian Red Cross to give five schools a cleaner environment

    We’re supporting local communities in Indonesia by partnering with the Indonesian Red Cross and supporting their Sahabat WASH PMI program. This initiative aims to give five Indonesian schools and surrounding communities a cleaner environment by creating access to clean water, providing sanitation and safety facilities, supplying hygiene kits and offering a workshop series on waste reduction.

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  • DKSH Thailand drives sustainability projects to support local communities

    DKSH Thailand drives sustainability projects to support local communities

    DKSH Thailand has successfully initiated two new local sustainability projects in 2019 to support local communities. In collaboration with the Prostheses Foundation in Thailand, DKSH collected recyclable aluminum for prosthetics to give amputees a new lease of life. DKSH also worked together with the Foundation for the blind in Thailand, by compiling old calendars that are recycled to make Braille cards and books for blind students in Bangkok and in the provinces.

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  • DKSH achieves EcoVadis silver rating for Sustainability

    DKSH achieves EcoVadis silver rating

    DKSH has been rewarded for its commitment to sustainability with the internationally recognized EcoVadis silver rating. With an overall score of 50 points, DKSH ranks among the top 14 percent of companies in the industry. EcoVadis uses a methodology that rates companies according to 21 sustainability criteria in four main areas: environment, labor and human rights, ethics as well as sustainable procurement.

    EcoVadis | Read the full media release

  • DKSH awarded as "climber of the year" in value reporting

    DKSH awarded as "climber of the year" in value reporting

    Every year, the corporate reporting of the companies listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange are assessed and the best reports in terms of design and value reporting awarded. DKSH won the award for “climber of the year” in 2019 by the Schweizer Geschäftsberichte-Rating for the best qualitative improvement in reporting, including the first-time publication of our GRI sustainability report.

    Schweizer Geschäftsberichte-Rating 2019