DKSH Indonesia introduces first Temperature Measurement and Access Control System

Temperature measurement and access control system is a “Touchless”, non-stop, fast and accurate temperature detection solution. It computerizes temperature data with optional facial recognition for the trace and track. It also detects mask wearing at public areas as a industries compliance. This solution automates the risk, access and quality management control in regards to COVID-19 and can be applied to entrance of office, conference rooms and any other buildings.


  • Building entrance (office, shopping mall, shop and conference room)
  • School, hotel, MRT Station
  • Laboratory, clinical, hospital

Key features:

  • Save man power for temperature measurement and Health Declaration
  • High speed detection with high accuracy ± 0.3 – 0.5˚C
  • Optionally alert the visitor not wearing face mask
  • Electronic records for further trace and track Infection control by total touchless Solution
  • Capable to processing multiple people simultaneously
  • Fast deployment and moveable
  • Integration with HR system for attendance records

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