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Biancalani - BRIO24

Continuous active relaxing and stabilizing dryer for shrinking and finishing any kind of knitted fabric.

BRIO®24 is specifically designed for relax-drying and stabilizing any kind of knitted fabric, in any composition and weight, both in tubular and open form, ensuring the highest degree of shrinkage and permanent stability, with a soft hand and increased volume, a completely safe and tensionless continuous process.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Details
Process open-width, continuous processing
How it works works with knits in tubular and open form
Type modular and expandable
Production capacity up to 13 tons/day

Key Features and Benefits

  • Continuous, open-width drying and active relaxation of knitted fabric
  • Stabilization and shrinking of all types of knits, tubular or open
  • Reduction of residual spirality on tubular knits
  • Defect-free, tensionless, flat tumble drying
  • Excellent hand, softness and volume


The new BRIO®24 matches the patented technology of our BRIO® with the production capacity and the convenience of a continuous open-width process, offering the production volume of an efficient tensionless drying, shrinking and relaxing machine together with knit stability levels that were once reachable only with drum tumblers

The user interface of BRIO®24 is designed to offer the maximum ease of use, and allows to control and organize all working parameters into recipes, which can be recalled at any time at the touch of a fingertip. Simple and easy to learn, BRIO®24 allows to monitor in real time all the machine parameters, ensuring smooth operation and continuous uniformity of the treatment

The design of BRIO®24 is aimed to provide the highest performances in terms of relaxation and productivity, with complete flexibility

  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Textile
Biancalani Textile MachinerySince 1957 at Biancalani we manufacture and sell our own-designed machines for special finishing of woven and knitted fabric. Our products are designed with experience and built with passion: the large number of users who highly value these unique finishing solutions, in every area of the textile world, rewards our steadfast pursuit of efficiency and sustainability. Biancalani always offers original and efficient solutions for the ennoblement and the perfect finish of any type of woven and knitted fabric, for every application, in a wide range of compositions and constructions.