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Foxx Life Sciences is dedicated to creating innovative safety products that create a safe way to store harmful contaminants in labs. Our products include HPLC waste systems from our EZWaste® product line which include waste systems and caps as well as the the PUREGRIP® HPLC ChromCap Assemblies. Another key product offered is the Vactrap™ Vacuum Trap System which adheres to the strictest CDC recommendations for laboratory safety.

Other products include PPE and Respirator Masks, Safety Cans, Safety Funnels, Secondary Containers, and Tubing Adapters.

Product List

BioHazard Waste

Justrite’s Biohazard Waste Containers meet OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 for the segregation of infectious waste. Use them to store contaminated laundry as well as other regulated waste; however, not for the storage of sharps. Sturdy steel cans feature leakproof construction with foot-operated, self-closing lid. Simple, foot pedal operation opens the cover automatically to safely dispose of biohazard waste. Upon release of the pedal, the can cover closes quickly to reduce the risk of contamination. A biohazard bag is held securely around the circumference of the can top. Optional label kit #25880 complies with California Health and Safety Code 118280 requiring warning labels to be visible from all sides of the container. Kit includes three labels and instructions.

Available Models:


HPLC ChromCap Assemblies

Foxx Life Sciences PUREGRIP® HPLC Solvent Reservoir used in upstream Caps & Bottle system offer the safest & most ergonomic lab safety solution in the industry. This system come with Patented VersaCap®, a Class VI PTFE Manifold, chemically resistant Viton O-Ring.

The sealed VersaCap® design that Foxx offers eliminates tubes twisting as you thread the cap & eliminates the tubes from sliding in & out of the container. Each assembly comes with GL45 Cap & Manifold Assy., High quality fittings for 1 x 3.2mm(1/8") OD Tubing, 1 x 1.6mm(1/16") OD Tubing & 1 x Plugs of 6.4mm(1/4") for blocking of unused ports.

Available Models:

HPLC Solvent Reservoirs

Foxx Life Sciences PUREGRIP® HPLC Reservoir Caps and Bottle Assemblies offer the safest and most ergonomic lab safety solution in the industry. These assemblies come with VersaCap Technology, A Class VI PTFE Manifold and an Air Inlet Valve combined with a Foxx 25mm, 0.2µm PTFE Filter for safe vapor filtration.

The Air Inlet Valve and PTFE Filter block out all harmful solvent vapors while blocking any incoming contaminants from the incoming air. This valve threads directly into any of Foxx Life Sciences HPLC Reservoir Manifolds.

The sealed VersaCap design that Foxx offers eliminates tubes twisting as you thread the cap and eliminates the tubes from sliding in and out of the container. These HPLC Reservoir Assemblies guarantee you get accurate data from your analysis with its air-tight seal using a Class VI PTFE Manifold and Chemically Resistant Viton O-Ring.

Each assembly comes with fittings for both 1/8” and 1/16” OD Tubing along with corresponding plugs to fill any unused ports.

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HPLC Solvent Waste

Foxx Life Sciences carries a wide range of HLPC Solvent Waste items including EZwaste® HD carboys and bottles, exhaust filters, cap kits, replacement fittings, and secondary containers. These provide efficient and affordable solutions for waste disposal and are utilized in diverse industries such as in pharmaceutical and biotech.

Available Models:

PPE, Face Shields, and Respirator Masks

Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as "PPE", is equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses. Please contact or call us at (603) 890-FOXX (3699) for more information.

Available Models:

Replacement Breakthrough Indicators

EZwaste® Replacement Breakthrough Indicators come in a pack of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, or 50.

Foxx Life Sciences' Breakthrough Indicator is a qualitative colorimetric indicator for the exhaustion and end-of-service life of low-flow filters. The indicator changes its color to red when the filter needs to be replaced.

Available Models:

Justrite Safety Cans

Secondary Containers

Foxx Life Sciences brings you Secondary Containers perfect for your HPLC solvent waste. Ensure prevention of leak and spill with these secondary storage containers for carboys with 1L, 2.5L, 4L, 5L, and 10L capacity. Each unit is constructed from HDPE material and built for reliable strength and durability. These containers have storage capacities of at least 115% of the primary container’s content.

Available Models:

Tubing Adapters

Foxx Life Sciences carries a comprehensive collection of tubing adapters made from polyethylene and polypropylene. The adapters are available as a T connector, Y connector, or a Reducer Fitting and in a variety of standard sizes. These connectors make it possible to connect two hoses efficiently and provide a secure watertight connection.

Available Models:

Vactrap™ Vacuum Trap Systems

Foxx Life Sciences’ Vactrap™ is the world’s most advanced vacuum trap system, adhering to the strictest CDC recommendations for laboratory safety. Ideal for protecting vacuum lines and users, Vactrap™ safely contains waste produced during supernatant removal, chemical separation, and cell or tissue culture media aspiration. Best of all, Vactrap™ comes ready to use, and fully assembled. Simply attach to your vacuum source and begin your experiment.

Available Models:

Foxx Life Sciences - Next Generation "Vacuum Trap" System: Vactrap™

Foxx Life Sciences - ChromCap™ 100 & 300

Foxx Life SciencesFoxx has become a world leader in custom Single-Use Systems (SUS) including tubing, bag, bottle, flask and carboy assemblies, filtration, fluid management, laboratory safety products, and glassware. Foxx is an industry leader in innovation, having developed over 10,000 unique product SKUs and receiving over 35 patents in the past 12 years. Foxx is constantly reinvesting into R&D, focused on creating more innovative and cost-effective solutions to service all our customers needs. Foxx’s product mix is broken down into 15 groups, including: BioProcess Single-Use, BioProcess MTO Single-Use, BioProcess Stainless Steel, BioProcess Caps and Gaskets, BioProcess Tubing, BioProcess Vent Filters, BioProcess Connectors, Bottles/Carboys/Jerricans, Covid-19 PPE, Sample Collection Supplies, Laboratory Filtration and Membranes, Laboratory Safety and Vacuum Traps, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Plasticware, and Lab Rat Gifts. Quality is a focal point of our business. Foxx has been ISO 13485 certified for 10 years in a row and is an FDA Registered company. Additionally, Foxx Life Sciences has a certified ISO Class 7 Cleanroom with six full assembly lines. Our products are manufactured in North America, using USP Class VI materials.