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There are many reasons for making rheology measurements. Often, the objectives of rheology testing or viscosity testing are to identify and quantify rheological properties that correlate to consumer perceived product attributes.

These attributes can include:
How does it look in its container on the store shelf?
How easily does the product dispense (squeeze, pump or spray) from the container?
Does the lotion easily spread on the face, hands or nails?
How does it apply to a hard or soft surface, and remain on the surface?

One of the objectives of Rheology Central is to quantify consumer perception of product attributes that are rheology driven. We complete comprehensive rheology studies of consumer properties specifically for correlation to consumer sensory studies.

Are your products pseudoplastic, viscoelastic? Do they exhibit time dependent shear effects such as thixotropy or rheopexy?
Many products are non-Newtonian pseudoplastic fluids. Emulsions and other complex dispersions are frequently viscoelastic.

What can the strain sweeps and frequency sweeps tell us about your product? And how does this relate to consumer product perceptions and preferences?

Fungilab is the key company to give you all of the answers in Viscosity filed.

Available Models

Fungilab Viscolead Series - One
Measuring Range(cP)
*1 - 2.000.000
0.3 - 100
Speed (r.p.m)
100 - 13.000.000
0.3 - 100
Number of Speeds
200 - 106.000.000
0.3 - 100
Fungilab Viscolead Series - Adv
Measuring Range(cP)
*1 - 2.000.000
0.3 - 100
Speed (r.p.m)
100 - 13.000.000
0.3 - 100
Number of Speeds
200 - 106.000.000
0.3 - 100
Fungilab Viscolead Series - Pro
Measuring Range(cP)
*1 - 6.000.000
0.01 - 200
Speed (r.p.m)
100 - 40.000.000
0.01 - 200
Number of Speeds
200 - 106.000.000
0.01 - 200

Key Features

  • Touch keyboard
    Latest keyboarding technology,
    comfortable and easy to handle (12 Keys) 
  • Languages options
    English / French / German / Catalan / Spanish / Italian / Japanese / Polish / Dutch / Portuguese
  • Program features 
    Time to torque
    Time to stop 
    10 working memories
    Customizable option (Speeds)
    Programmable: Multistep/Ramp
    Unit Converter (IS or CGS) 
  • USB interface 
    Faster transfer data to the computer 
  • Auto-test 
    It checks the internal function in order to make the unit ready to use 
  • Universal adapter 
    All accessories such as Brookfield (Optional) 
  • Graphic display 
    Provides huge range of graphical options 
  • Viscosity readings 
    Absolute viscosity (cP or mPa·s)
    Apparent Viscosity (cP or mPa·s)
    Kinematic viscosity (cSt, mm2/sec)
    (Density introduced by the user) 
  • 10 working memories 
    Set up the unit and get it ready to be used every day choosing the memory you need 
  • Data displayed
    Selected speed 
    Selected Spindle 
    Viscosity readings (cP or mPa·s or cSt)
    Percentage of Full Scale Range (%)
    Sample Temperature (oC or oF) 
    Shear rate (with coaxial spindles) (s-1)
    Shear Stress (with coaxial spindles) (N/m2)
    Density (introduced by the user) (g/cm3) 
  • Datalogger
    (software included)
    USB allows data transfer to a Excel format
  • Universal adapter
    All accessories such as Brookfield (Optional) 
  • Spindles
    AISI 316 stainless steel spindles, easily identified by number and letter when changed according to range of viscosity. 
  • These are the standards our units follow: 
    BS: 6075, 5350 
    ISO: 2555, 1652 
    ASTM: 115, 789, 1076, 1084, 1286, 1417, 1439, 1638, 1824, 2196, 2336, 2364, 2393, 2556, 2669, 2849, 2983, 2994, 3232, 3236, 3716
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Education & Academics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Polymers, Plastics and Rubbers

Fungilab’s main focus since its establishment has been to research, develop and manufacture the most advanced viscometers in order to offer our clients the highest and most accurate performance in the viscosity measurement.

Services include:
Rheology and Viscosity testing of your products
Test Method Validation: Newtonian and non-Newtonian.
Viscosity testing as a function of shear rate, time, temperature.
Hands-on viscosity
Data Analysis

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