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LabVantage - Enterprise Solutions

The LabVantage Enterprise platform is designed to scale from small single-site deployments all the way up to a global enterprise. Complex organizations tackling a large volume of data and a wide variety of work, often across multiple labs in multiple geographies and languages, can rely on the LabVantage Enterprise solution hosted from a single data center. There is no need for costly Citrix farms or complex distributed systems.

LabVantage also goes beyond a traditional LIMS to incorporate functionality found in multiple lab systems – such as ELN and LES.

LabVantage Enterprise:

  • Rich in capabilities
  • Adapts to evolving business requirements
  • Supports all industries
  • Supports all lab types
  • Scales to support thousands of users

For business leaders and lab managers, LabVantage Enterprise offers dashboard views, functionality, and systems integration that generate insights for decision making, workforce planning, and other operational functions.

IT chooses LabVantage Enterprise because of its modern technology, scalability, cloud-hosted or on-premise options, ability to integrate with other business systems, and support for thousands of multi-site users.

Scientists and technicians appreciate the roles-based access to data from any device (including tablets), and the ease of use. It covers a wide range of capabilities, from sample lifecycle management to lab execution, data retrieval, security and auditing, and more.

Find out why hundreds of organizations use LabVantage Enterprise to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their labs.

LabVantage Solutions

LabVantage Solutions, Inc. is the leading global laboratory informatics provider. Our industry-leading LIMS and ELN solution and world-class services are the result of 35+ years of experience in laboratory informatics. LabVantage offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that enable companies to innovate faster in the R&D cycle, improve manufactured product quality, achieve accurate recordkeeping and comply with regulatory requirements.

LabVantage is a highly configurable, web-based LIMS/ELN that powers hundreds of laboratories globally, large and small. Built on a platform that is widely recognized as the best in the industry, LabVantage can support hundreds of concurrent users as well as interface with instruments and other enterprise systems. It is the best choice for industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and consumer goods to molecular diagnostics and bio banking. LabVantage domain experts advise customers on best practices and maximize their ROIs by optimizing LIMS implementation with a rapid and successful deployment.