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Laser cutting and laser micromachining are non-contact processes which utilize a laser for micro drilling, micro milling, micromachining, micro patterning, micro scribing and ablation for industrial applications. The cut and feature edges are of high quality with little no burring, low surface roughness and dimensional accuracy.

The laser micro cutting process works by directing the laser beam through a co-axial gas nozzle to the workpiece. The laser melts a thin filament of material according to power and part conduction, the pressure of the coaxial assist gas then removes this molten filament through the underside of the cut. This process is repeated as the laser moves across the workpiece. According to cut conditions the periodic removal of material can sometimes be seen as “striation” lines running from the top to the bottom of the cut edge. This is a single pass processing technique that can create single sided features and asymmetrical features with very small internal radii.


SIGMA® Laser Stent and Tube Cutting System

The SIGMA Laser Stent and Tube Cutting System is designed for precision micro-cutting of tubes.  High speed linear motors and the latest generation digital controller minimize tool path cycle time, options for fiber lasers or femtosecond lasers enable a fast and stable laser cutting process, and an AMADA WELD TECH-designed operator-oriented machine interface maximizes user ease and efficiency.  AMADA WELD TECH engineers provide system installation at your facility, along with a fully developed laser process and operational training as part of the system delivery.

The SIGMA Laser Stent and Tube Cutting System can be integrated with either a fiber laser or a femtosecond laser to ensure optimal results for a wide variety of stent and tube materials and thicknesses.  Complete tooling offerings enable laser processing of tube diameters from 0.2 mm – 30 mm (0.008 in – 1.180 in), and the flexible platform with up to 4 axes of coordinated motion allows for both on-axis and off-axis feature cutting.  The system control software interface and hardware layout provide easy operator use for day-in-day-out production, including a single screen user interface, multi-level password protection, excellent workspace access, quick-open sliding door, internal process area lighting, part capture and unload options, and easy-to-access maintenance points.

The rigid steel frame and granite processing platform mounted to pneumatic isolators provide excellent vibration dampening for the processing area.  Vibration-producing components, like chillers and water pumps, are mounted on an isolated internal platform, standing free of the machine frame.  For enhanced automation capabilities, AMADA WELD TECH offers automated tube loaders, robotic arms for loading and unloading, and machine vision systems for precision part positioning and feature measurements.

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Key Features

  • Compact footprint to minimize floor space
  • Excellent workspace access
  • Rigid steel frame
  • Fully vibration-isolated granite processing platform
  • Femtosecond laser or fiber laser options
  • Sensitive optical components contained in positive-pressure environment
  • 2 mm – 30 mm (0.008 in – 1.180 in) tube diameter capability
  • 3-axis and 4-axis coordinated motion options to enable off-axis cutting
  • Standard 300 mm (11.81 in) linear stage with 100 mm (3.94 in) transverse axis
  • Seamless pattern cutting of tubes longer than 300 mm (11.81 in) linear stage travel
  • Quick change-over XY flat cutting platform with 100 mm x 100 mm (3.94 in x 3.94 in) travel
  • Wet cutting option with integrated recirculating water pump system
  • Automated tube loader for dry and wet cutting
  • Robotic arm for part loading and unloading
  • Machine vision for part positioning and dimensional measurements
  • Single screen operator-oriented GUI
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Debris and nano-particulate management
  • Application, machine operation, and CAM training provided

Technical Specification

Laser and Motion Parameters Specifications
Laser Femtosecond laser up to 40 W; IR or green wavelengths
Fiber Laser up to 200 W; IR wavelength
Focused spot size <10 µm achievable
Linear X- Axis Travel: 300 mm
Accuracy/Repeatability: +/- 1 µm | +/- 0.5 µm
Rotary Axis Accuracy/Repeatability: +/- 2.5 arcsec | +/- 1 arcsec (Levin D)
Accuracy/Repeatability: +/- 1 arcsec | +/- 0.5 arcsec (ER25 and ER40)
Linear Z-Axis Travel: 50 mm
Accuracy/Repeatability: +/- 1 µm | +/- 1 µm
Linear Y-Axis Travel: 100 mm
Accuracy/Repeatability: +/- 1 µm | +/- 0.4 µm
XY Platform (Optional) 100 mm x 100 mm
Input Power 208-240 VAC 50-60 Hz, single phase, 30 Amps
Size (H x W x D) 1981 mm x 762 mm x 1753 mm (7 in x 30 in x 69 in)
Does not include light tower and user interface
Weight 2177 kg (4800 lb)

For further details, please refer to enclosed brochure.

AMADA - Laser Cutting and Micromachining

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