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SAURER – EmStudio V4 - new with iSed

The embroidery software for highest efficiency and best quality

The EmStudio family presently consists of three elements, which cover the complete needs from drawing via punching up to the machine. In addition, data for economical calculations also provided

iSed – the intelligent Saurer editor

iSed enables smart editing, simple correction, efficient macros and unrivalled visualisation of ultimate performance. Many functions which, up to now, have only been possible in punching can all be carried out in iSed. i.e. changing the stitch density and stitch length, adapting the overstitches or transforming stitches or entire design parts. Apply existing effects as macros into new designs. New intelligent design processors together with superior optimisers, the verification of stitch rules and visualisation of potential problems guarantee optimal productivity of the embroidery machine. iSed is a component of ­e-punch, e-host and e-lite.


The Saurer EmStudio family meets all your requirements, anytime and in any case.

  • e-punch: probably the most extensive punching program, created and developed in direct contact with numerous punchers
  • e-host: the complete CAM-system for your embroidery
  • e-lite: the quick-to-learn punching program for all standard applications, which includes the most important function of e-punch

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e-punch e-host e-lite
For the Puncher: unique and easy drawing and punching software. For the embroidery job worker and plant manager: powerful stitch editor and efficient job preparation. For beginners: elementary drawing and punching on the modern Windows-Platform.
Punching - Punching lite
Drawing - Drawing lite
Design administration Design administration Design administration
Partner administration Partner administration Partner administration
Converting Converting Converting
Stitch editor Stitch editor Stitch editor
Arranging Arranging Arranging
Optimizing Optimizing Optimizing
- Yarn administration -
- Machine management -
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Textile
SAURERThe re-established Saurer Group looks back on 160 years of experience in improving production processes at different stages of the textile value chain. Ground breaking innovations in productivity, product lifetime and service are borne out of the passion we have for our products. With constant focus on our customers’ needs we set ourselves ambitious, still achievable goals and strive for excellence in all what we do.