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Savio Winding Polar Evolution

Savio Winding Polar Evolution, extremely popular all over the markets, is the best seller in the traditional standard winding platform; the machine has been recently developed to the EVOlution series, gathering all the innovative solutions in terms of technology, efficiency, quality output and maintenance. All models (manual feeding, stand-alone autofeeding, automatic link feeding) represent the utmost technology available. The Polar Evolution family has placed along with the drum winding technology also the drumless one - MULTICONE -: in this way, Savio wants to meet all customers' requests in term of flexibility and productivity.

Savio Winding Polar Evolution well proven and the best selling automatic winder, still the #1 winder in many world markets.

Machine models Savio Winding Polar Evolution M round magazine feeding (manual doffing)
Savio Winding Polar Evolution L round magazine feeding (automatic doffing)
Savio Winding Polar Evolution I direct link to R/F feeding
Savio Winding Polar Evolution E standalone autofeeding
Technical features Headstock right or left with respect to the working front
Frame modular frame consisting of 6 or 8 head sections
Number of heads/machine Manual feeding type: from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 80 in steps of 2. Link type: from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 72 in steps of 2
Materials natural, synthetic and blended staple yarns
Count range from tex 286 to tex 4, from Ne 2 to Ne 147, from Nm 3.5 to Nm 250
Bobbin size Manual feeding type: tube length from 180 to 350 mm with a bobbin diameter of 32 to 72mm. Mule Caps: tube length 305 mm, bobbin diameter max 72 mm. Link type: tube length: from 180 to 280 with a bobbin diameter of 57 mm
Take-up crossed packages: winding traverse 110, 152 mm, taper 0°÷5°57’,maximum diameter 320 mm
Take-up speed 400 ÷ 2200 m/min with stepless setting
6 or 9 pocket round magazine (manual feeding type)

Key Features

A common problem faced by the stretch fabric manufacturers is the breakage of the yarns during downstream process. The well-known Savio Twinsplicer still represents the solution to achieve the best performance of a “perfect joint” on Core Yarns, mainly “single core” with cotton, but also positive results have been achieved with Dual Core Yarns. In this field, Savio can also offer the new splicing technology combining air and water, Moistair®, which represents the most flexible solution of any kind of yarn.

Flexible cycle for increased efficiency. In terms of flexibility, the manual feeding winder can easily process different yarns and counts, allowing a very flexible production planning, since there’s no rigid assignment of yarn allotments from ring spinning frames

Premium package quality: electronic anti patterning system on/off modulation operates at critical diameters only. In the On/Off system, all the critical rates between package and drum diameters are memorized by the computer and consequently the drum is accelerated and decelerated, according to variable ramps, when there are possibility of ribboning formation. The system operates also during the acceleration after the splicing cycle.

Upgraded splicing solutions - Duo Air Feeding system

Air and Moistair® splicers boasts a Duo Air Feeding system, for yarn tail preparation and splicing. This splitting allows the individual setting of the most appropriate value of air pressure, and makes these splicers able to easily process any different fibers and blends combination.

The package and the bobbin suction arms along with the splicer are individually driven by independent motors in order to reduce the splicer cycle time. Splice occurs only when both arms bring the yarns into position.

The package and the bobbin suction arms along with the splicer are individually driven by independent motors in order to reduce the splicer cycle time. Splice occurs only when both arms bring the yarns into position.

Savio Winder 4.0 represents an important step towards a wide digitalization process, being a solution for intelligent networking of machines in the spinning/winding room. All these features enable Savio customers to control overall equipment effectiveness, increase workforce efficiency, and maximize quality and working time

Friendlier to the user: machine control and diagnostics

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Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.ASavio is a leader in the yarn finishing machine sector, operating worldwide in the manufacturing and marketing of automatic winders, continuous shrinkage and bulking winders, two-for-one twisters, and rotor spinning frames with factories in Italy, China and India.
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